Mum uses £1.50 baby oil to get rid of unsightly streaks on stainless steel surfaces in seconds

REGARDLESS of how much we try and furiously polish them away, unsightly streaks on stainless steel surfaces are notoriously tricky to tackle.

Whether they’re ruining the appearance of your otherwise sparkling kitchen sink or making your steel extractor fan look filthy, we always thought there was no quick fix for this common household hang-up… until now.


Like a woman after our own hearts, this mum admitted she ‘can’t stand’ the streaks on her dishwasher[/caption]

That’s right, it turns out a bottle of baby oil can get rid of streaky stainless steel stains in just minutes.

And cleaning-mad mums can’t get enough of this quick fix.

Turning to the Facebook group Mums Who Clean for help, one woman asked her fellow 120,000 members for help cleaning the outside of her dishwasher.

Like a woman after our own hearts, the mum wrote: “This is my ‘clean’ dishwasher door. I can’t stand the marks on it.”


However, she was able to buff them away in seconds with a little bit of baby oil[/caption]

Turns out, baby oil is the multipurpose cleaning product we never knew we needed
  • Johnson’s Baby Oil, £1.50 for 100ml from Superdrug – buy now

Having already used countless products and glass cleaners to get rid of streaks, the woman had run out of options for tackling the stains.

However, she was delighted to find that out of over 80 suggestions, it was the “baby oil which worked a treat”.

Watching the streaks disappear in seconds, all the mum had to do was douse a cloth in baby oil before sweeping it over the marks.

What’s more, another mum also got her sink sparkling in minutes thanks to a £1.50 baby oil.


Another mum proudly showed off how effectively baby oil is at cleaning kitchen sinks online[/caption]


The woman said it took her 30 seconds to get her sink sparkling with baby oil[/caption]


Another woman uses baby oil to clear away any grime in her sink[/caption]

Proudly posting photos of her glistening handiwork, the woman wrote: “House inspection due? Do this…

“Make your sink look beautiful and all you need is baby oil.”

Giving members a step-by-step guide, the woman added: “Put a small amount on a cloth and polish, it should only take you about 30 seconds.”

Singing the praises of her genius cleaning hack, the mum enthused: “Don’t stop there, it can be used on your stove, dishwasher door and fridge!”


A third mum posted photos of her streaky extractor hood after using a £2 Cif product[/caption]


A quick swipe of baby oil got the streaks out in no time[/caption]

Meanwhile, another mum posted on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group about how she used baby oil to finish off cleaning her extractor fan.

After using a £2 Cif Stainless Steel to clean the surface, the mum polished away the streaks of the hood with baby oil to get it glistening.

Having spotted others use the clever hack, the mum wrote: “This group is amazing! Used the Cif Stainless Steel spray but came out really streaky so finished it off with baby oil.”

In other words, you’ll find us stocking up on the multipurpose product down in our local Superdrug. *Adds ALL to basket*

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