Mum who started a furniture company with just £40 now runs a £10.7m interior design empire loved by Amanda Holden and Peter Andre

AN INTERIOR designer with a keen eye for sparkles has turned over a whopping £10.7m in three years after starting a furniture empire with a basic £40 website.

Layla Chapman, 35, and her husband Dan, 33, launched HOS Home in February 2016, and now count celebrities like Mark Wright, Denise Van Outen and Amanda Holden among her A-list clients.

House of Sparkles HOS Peter Andre Layla Chapman
Layla Chapman

Layla has launched a business venture with Peter Andre designing bespoke beds[/caption]

The company, which was known originally as House of Sparkles, has thrived thanks to Layla’s talents for styling and design, and has since launched a partnership with Peter Andre selling bespoke beds.

Layla,  from Sonning, Berkshire, told Femail that HOS started as a “passion project” and she never thought that just a few years later would they be so inundated with requests from influencers and celebrities who love her furniture.

“Selling £1million of furniture in the first year was incredible,” the mum-of-one explained.

“It’s been amazing to transform so many homes. We’ve delivered more than 100,000 pieces of furniture in the last three years and the demand increases every month.”

Layla Chapman House of Sparkles HOS
Layla Chapman

Layla Chapman, 35, is set to turn over £10.5m with her affordable luxury furniture empire HOS Home[/caption]

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

Layla and her husband Dan launched HOS back in February 2016 and welcomed their daughter Yasmin 12 weeks ago after an IVF struggle[/caption]

However, Layla and Dan’s success hasn’t come without a few setbacks, they hit rock bottom following their dream wedding in 2014 when an original business venture collapsed.

Dan had founded an electronic cigarette business that was becoming popular in Australia but Layla explained that a “shift in market conditions” contributed to it’s demise.

At the same time Layla had been heavily involved in the events industry and was running exclusive events for brands and rich clients across the south east, but hit financial difficulties.

They lost their home and car and had to start over: “We decided to move back in with my mum, hit the re-start button on our careers, and start again from zero.’

“It was difficult, but we had never had mentors in business and had to learn certain lessons in order to push on again. Looking back it’s the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

They launched their website with just £40 and within a year HOS turned over £1.3m[/caption]

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

Layla and her husband Dan balanced their IVF journey with launching their business HOS[/caption]

The couple were also facing difficulties in their personal lives, after they were told they would have to resort to IVF because they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally if they wanted children.

Layla admits she was devastated to learn of the news having dreamed of a big family, and embarked on an IVF journey that cost £55,000 at the same time as launching HOS.

They faced four unsuccessful attempts during their four-year struggle and lost two babies, before their baby girl Yasmin was born earlier 12 weeks ago.

Eventually the couple moved out of her mum’s home and started renting, before coming up with the idea for the glamorous furniture business.

They saw a gap in the market for affordable luxury and launched the website which cost £40 to set up.

On the first day of trading they sold a Hollywood Mirror for £244, the same item that their first celebrity client Denise Van Outen also later bought.

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

Layla was worried she would never become a mum and welcomed daughter Yasmin earlier this year[/caption]

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

The couple hit rock bottom following their dream wedding in 2014[/caption]

Layla Chapman HOS
Layla Chapman

The couple have enjoyed great success with their company and have jetted off on luxury holidays[/caption]

After running into difficulties with furniture suppliers unsure of their business model, they soon proved their worth when within the first year of trading the couple had made £1.13m.

The couple have since amassed more celebrity clients including Brian Mcfadden, Scarlett Moffat, Amy Childs, Kelly Brook, Megan McKenna, Olivia Bowen and Caprice

Layla has since launched a separate venture with Peter Andre called A by Andre, which came about after she built up a friendship with Pete and his wife Emily when styling their home.

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