Mum who was so poor she struggled to feed kids becomes millionaire after £500,000 twice in ten days

A MUM who struggled to care for her four children on benefits has become a millionaire after winning £500,000 twice in the space of ten days.

Anita Campbell, 51, from Seaham, County Durham, won online bingo within 10 days.

Anita Campbell, 51, from Seaham hit two half-a-million-pound jackpots within 10 days playing bingo online
Facebook / Anita Campbell

The mum-of-four won more than £500,000 with each scoop.

On her first win she raked in £596,000, and then she won an extra £522,000.

She’s struggled with her family on Universal Credit for more than a year and has even lost weight because she’s not able to eat properly.

After her win, she told The Mirror: “It’s still a bit of a dream. I’m over the moon. I still can’t believe it.

“I thought straight away, I can help my kids with this money.”

Anita has already moved out of her home into a new property and has given away her old furniture.

She also used the cash to buy her 73-year-old father a new home as well as paying for her daughter to undergo IVF treatment.

She’s enjoying treating her children to shopping trips and even buying gifts for her grandkids.

Despite her big wins, she admits she still likes playing online Bingo.

Anita Campbell has won Bingo online twice within 10 days and is now a millionaire
Facebook / Anita Campbell


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