Mum’s fury after letter calling ‘fit and active’ 11-year-old daughter overweight

A MUM has been left seething after she was sent a letter calling her “fit and active” 11-year-old daughter “overweight”.

Health officials wrote to Sarah Eyre, from Plymouth, to say measurements of Emma Louise’s height and weight suggested she needed to slim down.

Sarah Eyre was left furious after receiving a letter saying her daughter, 11, is ‘overweight’
Sarah Eyre

Sarah fears the note, that arrived “without warning”, will cause her pre-teen to become anxious about her looks.

“If my daughter got any slimmer, she would be anorexic,” Sarah told Plymouth Live.

“She’s not overweight. Not just in my mind, but other people say she doesn’t look overweight at all.

“She’s quite slim. She’s 12 this year, she is getting spots, going through change and development, her body is changing.

Sarah is worried about the impact the note will have on her pre-teen
Sarah Eyre

“The reason I want to raise awareness of this is because, you get kids and children that harm themselves, or commit suicide or get very anxious.

“My daughter wears her heart on her sleeve and she has taken it to heart.

“I can’t believe professional people would say this. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Emma’s body statistics were taken as part of a healthy living scheme run in partnership between her school and Livewell Southwest, an independent social enterprise providing health and social care services.

The readings showed Emma is 146.4m tall and weighs 48.20kg – equivalent to 7.59 stone.

The letter in full

Dear Parent/Carer of Emma Louise Eyre,

We recently sent you a letter about measuring Emma Louise’s height and weight in school as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.

The measurements have now been completed.

Knowing if your child’s weight is within the healthy range for their age, sex, and height can help you make informed choices about their lifestyle.

Height (cm) 146.4

Weight (kg) 48.20

Date of measurement 24 May 2018

These results suggest that your child is overweight for their age, sex and height. If your child is overweight now they are more likely to grow up to be overweight as an adult. This can lead to health problems.

It adds: “You can find out how Emma Louise’s results were calculated, and check how Emma Louise is growing over time, by going to

Sarah was shocked that experts recommend her daughter be a “very, very skinny” six stone and five pounds.

Public Health England has previously justified the National Child Measurement Programme as essential for reducing obesity in children.

A spokesman said: “With childhood obesity in England reaching alarming rates, it is increasingly difficulty to objectively see what a healthy weight should look like. We are getting bigger as a nation, meaning our perception of a ‘normal’ weight is not always accurate.

“This is why the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is so helpful. The information – collected from over a million children each year – tells us the levels of childhood obesity in England.

Sarah says her daughter leads an ‘active and fit’ life
Sarah Eyre

“Much consideration has gone into the wording of the letters to ensure the information is presented in a supportive and sensitive manner.

“We understand that talking about a child’s weight is a delicate issue, which is why we never share the NCMP results with the child – this is for the parents to decide, and most local authorities will offer support to help parents do this, should they need it.”

Meanwhile, a mum’s was left anger as daughter, five, who weighs just five stone is branded ‘very overweight’ in NHS letter.

And, parents’ in Devon were left furious as letters were sent home telling them kids aged four and five are fat.

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