Mums make the most of rubbish year by decorating their Christmas trees with face masks, loo roll & Dettol gloves

THIS year has been like no other in history, and as 2020 finally comes to an end mums have been having a little fun with their Christmas decorations this year. 

Brits have been decking their firs out with cleaning products, loo rolls and even face masks, which pretty much sums up this year as the world grappled with the coronavirus pandemic. 

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2020 has been a year like no other and as it finally comes to an people are marking the milestone in a very original way[/caption]

People have been proudly sharing snaps of their trees online, with one woman effectively tee-peeing her tree with toilet paper, while she even added a mask on Santa figurine as well. 

Another mum got creative with her loo roll, as she wrapped it around the branches instead of tinsel, while others hung air fresheners and Dettol wipes on their spruce.

One other option was using entire loo rolls as baubles, while someone else used facemasks in place of hanging decorations, and someone else blew up gloves and strung them up.

One festive fan used face masks as well as gold baubles, but added a medical face mask at the top of the tree in place of a star. 

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People are decorating their Christmas tree with Covid-themed baubles and tinsel[/caption]

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People are sticking up face masks, loo rolls, disinfectant and wipes instead of baubles [/caption]

But one person went all out with the decorations, sticking a pack of disinfectant wipes at the top in place of a Christmas fairy.

They used empty toilet roll holders – very apt for 2020 – as baubles, and made home-made decorations of Zoom calls and masks, while they even strung up bottles of hand sanitiser.

Somebody else went a step further, and made a tree out of a stack of loo rolls, and it looks like they’ve got enough to survive another lockdown.

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People are even covering their tree with toilet paper instead of tinsel [/caption]

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Forget about a star or baubles this year, all you need are some face masks [/caption]

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One person used empty loo roll holders as baubles, and made home-made Zoom call decorations [/caption]

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This mum made sure Grinch was properly protected against coronavirus [/caption]

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This tree at least had some traditional baubles on it, as well as face masks [/caption]

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This person went all out and created a tree entirely from toilet rolls[/caption]

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