Murmuration of starlings takes flight — in the shape of a bird

A MURMURATION of starlings takes flight — in the shape of a bird.

Photographer James Crombie said it took 50 visits and 500 snaps to get the perfect shot.

Rex Features

A view of a starling murmuration over Lough Ennell, Co. Westmeath, Ireland[/caption]

The birds were pictured over Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath, in Ireland.

James said: “I’m usually a sports photographer, so for a while I’ve had a bit of time to think about other things. I had an image in my head.

“I could see they were making shapes. I kept going back, to get the image I had in my head.”

James, who runs Inpho Photography in Ireland, was named the ‘Press Photographer of the Year’ 2021 in Dublin last month.

Meanwhile, Ben Hurst saw starlings having a whale of a time at Fairburn Ings Nature Reserve in West Yorkshire.

He said: “I just got lucky.”

Rex Features

Another view of the starling spectacular in Ireland, captured by photographer James Crombie[/caption]

Caters News Agency

Meanwhile in West Yorkshire, a murmuration twists and swoops into the shape of a whale[/caption]

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