Musk strikes Tesla investors, saying the company can go privately

Eight years after Elon Musk took Tesla public car, Mercurial CEO began on Tuesday saying he wants to make the automaker back to a private company – at least for a while.

Musk, in a series of public tweets and an email to employees, said he had financed Tesla privately, with the shareholders to receive $ 420 per share.

Moved, he said, would release Tesla from the public market’s emphasis on quarterly results. It would release the company from the “short sellers” who have invested in Tesla’s high share price, Musk added – people he has accused of spreading incorrect information about Tesla and its cars.

The Palo Alto company said he might return to the public markets later, when it comes to a period of “slower, more predictable growth”. The plan to go privately, said Musk, must be approved by the shareholders.

“In principle, we believe we are at our best when everyone is focused on implementing when we can focus on our long-term mission and when there are no perverse incentives for people to try to harm what we all try to achieve “he wrote in the e-mail, which

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