My dad sexually abused me and my sister from the age of 10 – when we went to the police they discovered he was a child killer who had raped and strangled three little girls

TIFFANY Shore’s father Anthony seemed like a pillar of his community in Houston, Texas, yet behind closed doors he starved, beat and sexually molested his children.

It was only when Tiffany plucked up the courage to report his vile abuse that police discovered he was the notorious ‘tourniquet killer’ who raped and killed four other young girls with a homemade tourniquet.

Young Tiffany Shore posing for a photo with her dad, the "Tourniquet Killer" Anthony Allen Shore

Tiffany was 10 years old the first time her dad sexually assaulted her[/caption]

In this week’s episode of I Lived With A Killer, Tiffany reveals how after her mother left, her father would ply her with booze and feed her cockroach-infested food, before assaulting her.

But it wasn’t until she finally spoke out that she found out the true and horrifying extent of his crimes, which involved the rape of 60 women before his execution.

‘He got me drunk and fed me cockroach-infested food’

To the outside world, Shore was a charming family man who spoiled his daughters with gifts and lavish birthday parties.

But after divorcing the girls’ mother, he received full custody of Tiffany and Amber and his behaviour changed dramatically.

Shore started torturing his daughters by forcing them to live in squalor, tying them up and smothering their faces with pillows if they cried during a beating – and subjecting them to horrific sexual abuse.

Tiffany Shore as a young girl

Tiffany felt so hopeless that she tried to kill herself[/caption]

“I would wake up and see him exposing himself in our bedroom while touching himself in a lewd and lascivious manner,” Tiffany says.

“I was like 10 years old…he got me very, very, very intoxicated and remember waking up completely in the nude and he was assaulting me while I was unconscious.”

Toiler paper rations and made to share bath water

“We had to share bath water, we had allotments on the amount of toilet paper we were allowed to use, we didn’t have a washer, so we would have to hand-wash all of our clothing in a bathtub,” Tiffany says.

Food was also scarce, with the girls living off cockroach-infested cereal and peanut butter that was crawling with ants.

Their nightmare continued at school, as the sisters were bullied by other kids because of their filthy appearance and smell.

Teachers at the school soon noticed that something was wrong and alerted child services.

But Shore always made sure the house was spotless whenever they would visit – and the terrified girls remained quiet.

A young Tiffany Shore posing in a black t-shirt and jeans outside, with her arms folded

Tiffany eventually plucked up the courage to tell her aunt and grandmother about her dad’s attacks[/caption]

It wasn’t until Tiffany was in her late teens that she finally plucked up the courage to tell her grandmother what her father had done to her.

She encouraged the girls to go to the police and their father was arrested immediately.

Tiffany and her sister then tried to start the process of moving on with their life – but little did they know that they’d soon find out their father was even more depraved than they could ever have imagined.

Raped a 14-year-old gagged with duct tape

DNA evidence from Shore was taken ahead of his trial for the crime committed against his daughters – and it linked him to three murders of little girls and another rape.

Tiffany found out about his murky past when her older sister Amber phoned her after seeing it on the news.

Shore admitted to police that he had been on a killing spree which lasted from 1986 to 1995 and included four victims named Laurie Tremblay, Maria del Carmen Estrada, Diana Rebollar and Dana Sanchez , all aged between nine and 20.

Laurie Tremblay was 14 when she was attacked by Shore on her way to school

His first victim was 14-year-old Laurie Tremblay who he lured into his van as she walked home from school.

He then strangled her to death with a homemade tourniquet made from cotton cord, before dumping her naked body outside a restaurant.

Next, he attacked 20-year-old Maria del Carmen Estrada in 1992 while she was waiting for a bus to work.

Once again he used his homemade tourniquet to strangle her, then dumped her body in the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant in Houston.

In 1993, Shore became obsessed with a 14-year-old girl who lived in a nearby neighbourhood. On 19 October, 1993, he broke into her home and raped her.

“She comes home from school and he’s inside the house, he’s disguised himself, he attacks her, he binds her with duct tape then rapes her while she’s screaming and crying,” local reporter Keri Blakinger from the Houston Chronicle says.

Unfortunately, due to his disguise, the girl wasn’t able to identify him.

Nine-year-old Diana Rebollar was last seen alive at a local grocery store
Dana Sanchez was 16 when she was killed by Shore

Two years later, in 1994, Shore stumbled across nine-year-old Diana, who was on an errand to get milk and flour.

He killed her with the tourniquet and dumped her body in a field. It was still around her neck when the body was found.

Clip from video of Tiffany Shore as an adult, dressed in black with a blue sky background

Tiffany now has a daughter of her own and is trying to move on with her life[/caption]

When the news of the murders broke, Tiffany was asked to testify about her father’s character and to showcase his history of violent crime.
In a court room, across from her father, she bravely revisited the painful memories of her past.
“He just looked like sickly, he was so pale and balding and he had shaved his beard off and ugh, he looked awful. He just looked like some sick twisted individual,” Tiffany says with disgust.

Following his trial, Shore was sentenced to death by lethal injection – no-one attended his execution.

In the weeks leading up to it, he reportedly bragged about 60 additional rapes he had committed

“Finding out one of your parents went out and killed anybody is pretty devastating, even when you know they’re a bad person – it takes it to whole new level of awful,” Tiffany explains.

She has since started a family of her own and now works in the justice system, where she hopes to help others.

I lived with a Killer airs tonight at 9pm on C&I. 


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