My doctor gave me ‘one stitch too many’ after childbirth and now I can’t have sex

A MUM has revealed the trauma of being so tightly sewed up after giving birth that she could no longer have sex.

A mum-of-twins shared how her nether regions were so constricted that she was forced to go under general anaesthetic and have surgery to make the hole larger.

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A mum was left unable to have sex after a doctor sewed her up too tightly after giving birth[/caption]

Writing on Kidspot, she joked how she laughed with her obstetrician after the delivery of her twins that she wouldn’t be wanting sex with her husband for a while.

She said: “When my OB had his medical grade sewing kit out to perform a spot of vaginal embroidery, I have vague recollections of offering him a twenty to sew it up all the way, because we wouldn’t be using it!

“At the time I had no idea how close to the truth I actually was.”

When she had recovered from labour, the mum and her husband decided to jump back in the sack, particularly as they wanted kids in the future – but they were unable to do the deed.

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The mum had been sewn up in hospital after giving birth to twins[/caption]

She wrote: “What does stick out in my memory is that when it came to the old in-out, in-out, there was a lot more ‘out’, and decidedly less ‘in’.

“Time went on, more attempts were made, and let’s just say we were having absolutely no luck in getting the al dente noodle to the spaghetti house.

“It was just a stab in the dark, but I was fairly sure this wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

“I was familiar with the age-old urban legend of the so called ‘daddy stitch’, but this was more like a daddy stitch-up!”

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When she had recovered from labour, the mum and her husband decided to jump back in the sack – but they were left unable to do the deed[/caption]

The mum joked with her husband about how he was “too large” to fit, but it later emerged that she had “post episiotomy scar tissue had built up due to ‘unsatisfactory healing’.”

She was told by medical staff that she was left with two options.

The first choice was that she could stretch out her vagina over a few months using “constriction”.

She explained that this involved “using vaginal dilators (basically a delightful smorgasbord of different sized dildos)”.

I was familiar with the age-old urban legend of the so called ‘daddy stitch’, but this was more like a daddy stitch-up!

Mum of twins

The other option was to “book into a day clinic, check my undergarments in at the door along with my dignity, and have it sorted out surgically, with what is commonly known as a Fenton’s procedure.”

She went for option B and booked in to have a Fenton’s procedure, and it was undertaken by the same obstetrician who had done the original episiotomy.

The mum said: “Apparently, what happens when you are out for the count is that they trim up any areas of scar tissue or constriction, and then restitch your lady bits with dissolvable stitches.

“YES, more stitches. The irony of fixing a stitch-up with stitches was not lost on me!

What is a Fenton’s procedure?

A Fenton’s procedure is an operation to remove scar tissue or an area of constriction around
the entrance to the perineum and entrance to the vagina.

Your health professional may recommend this procedure to help relieve pain during intercourse
if it is caused by scar tissue.

Source: Guy’s and St Thomas’

“I won’t lie, the aftermath is a little bit sore, but after you’ve experienced the hellfire that is pushing a human baby out of your bajingo, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a good old donut pillow, some paracetamol and your husband doing every god damn thing around the house for the foreseeable future.

“After the procedure, I took my new found designer vagina home for a bit of R&R, gave it a solid month of “Netflix and don’t touch me”, to allow for “satisfactory healing”, after which we had the green light to try again.

“And I’ll be darned, it went in!”

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