My parents don’t like my boyfriend because he takes drugs and it hurts because they won’t even meet him

DEAR DEIDRE: MY parents are really down on my boyfriend because he takes drugs.

Why can’t they understand it hurts when they say this kind of thing to me?

Parent’s just don’t understand… drugs don’t make boyfriend a bad person

I’m 28 and my guy is 32. We’ve been dating for six months.

My parents have refused to meet him on many occasions just because they found out he takes drugs.

They even asked me if I am taking them when they know full well I never would.

I come from a big family and it hurts, especially because my younger sister’s bloke smokes weed and they’ve met him. It’s hard to find a bloke who doesn’t take drugs these days.

DEIDRE SAYS: You don’t say what drugs he is using but your parents may believe they’re less safe than cannabis.

Tell them that their attitude isn’t helping, but don’t let sibling rivalry stop you thinking clearly about whether you really want to be involved with a guy regularly breaking the law. My e-leaflet on Drugs Worries will help you decide.

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