My wife is cheating on me with a sexy man she met jogging — but I’m still overweight and bald

DEAR DEIDRE: TO lose weight, my wife got into running – and went away for the night with a man she met at a Parkrun event. How do I save my marriage?

I saw a WhatsApp message on her phone thanking this guy for a great night.


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My lost weight at Parkrun events but also found a lover – while I feel unattractive[/caption]

It was clear he had booked them into a hotel the night I was at my dad’s birthday and our two teenagers were at sleepovers.

She denied an affair. She claimed he was giving her coaching and it saved a lot of driving as it was close to a good place to run.

I don’t want to lose her. She says she doesn’t want to leave either but has never been very interested in sex with me and now her focus seems to be on running.

She is 47 and I’m 49. I am overweight and have lost most of my hair. I feel like an unattractive, podgy, bald old man.





DEIDRE SAYS: If she says she doesn’t want the two of you to part, tell her you must start rebuilding your relationship – that means her trying too.

My e-leaflet Relationship MOT has lots of ideas.

You can work on being an attractive older man by going running with her.

Parkruns are welcoming and non-competitive and getting fitter can boost your morale. Good example for your kids, too.

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