Myles Stephenson family – what has the Rak-Su star said about his parents and background?

MYLES Stephenson won the heart of the nation when his band RakSu were crowned winners of X Factor back in 2017.

But he has revealed before his rise to fame he had to sleep on a wooden floor as a child in his father’s house.

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Myles Stephenson with his mum after leaving I’m A Celebrity [/caption]

What is Myles Stephenson’s family background?

Myles comes from a big family.

However, the number of siblings which the singer has and who they are is unknown to the public

His parents are Vicky and Terry.

They divorced when he was a child.

Myles with his late grandmother

What has Myles Stephenson said about his parents?

Myles revealed that his parents ended their relationship when he was two years old, because his dad was “messing around.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail he spoke candidly about the “hard times” he went through growing up.

He revealed that he was forced to sleep on a solid wood floor downstairs in his father’s two-bed council house.

He explained that after his parents got divorced, his father’s girlfriend at the time wouldn’t buy him a bed, and because her two children slept in the the home’s second bedroom, he had to sleep on the floor when he stayed their.

He said: “It was hard to see my dad when I was younger.

“That wasn’t just his fault. The woman that he was with made it hard because she had two kids of her own.

‘So, staying tHere in Ealing, Greenford, it was a council house and it was only a two-bed. So I’d have to sleep on the floor, like on a solid wood floor downstairs, and she wouldn’t buy me a bed.

“People go through stuff, and it makes you who you are at the end of the day.”

What has he said about his gran on Celebrity MasterChef?

Miles impressed his I’m A Celebrity campmates with his cooking skills, so it was no wonder he was snapped up for Celebrity MasterChef.

On the first episode he revealed it was his grandmother who taught him how to cook and credited her for being a “whizz in the kitchen”.

His beloved Yaya, as he affectionately called her, sadly passed away in December 2019.


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