Mystery as NO external damage seen at home where ex-Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, 46, was pulled from during deadly blaze

THE home that former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh suffered fatal fire injuries in shows no obvious signs of damage – as details around his death remain a mystery. 

Located on the waterfront in New London, Connecticut, the 3,100-square-foot house appeared in as good condition on Monday as it did four months prior when it sold for $1.3million, The Daily Mail reported.

The home in New London, Connecticut, from which Tony Hsieh was pulled, showed little to no damage after the fire[/caption]

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Tony Hsieh founded Zappos and retired in August [/caption]

“There was very little damage,” a man who answered the door told the outlet.

The man, who was not named, referred further questions to Hsieh’s lawyer Puoy Premsirut.

“She’s dealing with everything. We want it all to come from one voice. We’re having a tough day today,” the man added. 

Hsieh, 46, was visiting family at the house that overlooks the Long Island Sound on November 18 when the structure caught fire in the morning. 

New London Firefighters

Firefighters pulled one person who was trapped in the home the day of the fire but did not identify him as Tony Hsieh[/caption]

New London Firefighters

It remains unclear who was in the home at the time of the fire besides Tony Hsieh[/caption]

At the time, New London Fire Chief Thomas Curcio said one person was trapped in the home and that a victim sustained injuries, but did not identify Hsieh and said the incident was “still under investigation.” 

Hsieh sustained burns and inhaled smoke and was transported to Lawrence Memorial Hospital in New London.

He was then airlifted to a hospital burns unit in Bridgeport and succumbed to his injuries on Friday

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Tony Hsieh was airlifted to a hospital burn unit in Bridgeport[/caption]


Tony Hsieh was friends with first daughter Ivanka Trump, among other public figures[/caption]

The home is owned by a former employee of Zappos, Rachael Brown, 47, who climbed the corporate ladder from a temporary phone representative to a management team member, according to the online shoe retailer’s website. 

Hsieh’s brother was reportedly at the house when it became ablaze, but it is unknown whether Brown was present. 

Brown purchased the home after selling her house in Henderson, Nevada, for just over $300,000 in May, according to records obtained by The Daily Mail. 

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The Connecticut home was owned by Tony Hsieh’s former employee at Las Vegas-based Zappos, Rachael Brown[/caption]


Tony Hsieh sustained burns and inhaled smoke and was transported to a hospital in New London[/caption]

The three-story, five-bedroom waterfront home is less than a half mile from the house where playwright Eugene O’Neill grew up. 

Realtor Bobbi McBride Doyen highlighted the Connecticut home’s “smart” electronic features when it was listed in the summer. 

“The coolness factor, as well as the glimmering water view of the third floor crow’s nest bedroom hideaway, is something to be experienced,” Doyen said.

She added that the “epoxied garage floor is worthy of a car dealership showroom with a ‘smart’ garage door.”

The listing for the home stated it was “polished” with “luxurious interior and exterior spaces” and “year-round waterfront beach glamour.”

Brown was among Hsieh’s closest confidantes, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


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