Don’t be a osti vampire!


Here’s an email I received this morning:

“Hello Olivier! I resigned from my job to launch my business, but I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have money to invest in your courses, or your community. Do you want to help me? That is what I have to do?”

Ok… I admit, I’ve invented. The ones I get (at a rate of about 15 per week) are much less well-written!

These days, everyone wants to start his business, get rich and dominate the world, but nobody is willing to put the efforts to learn and grow.


A society composed of a very large proportion of osti of vampires want only one thing: sucking your time and energy.

In a better vocabulary, we could call these people takers: individuals more concerned about what they can take than by what they can give.

I know what you’re saying… “Yeah, fuck vampires! I am generous, I give it to you! Yeah high five man!

Not so fast bro.

This is not because you are not a lost cause who deserves a stake in the heart that you do not have your moments. We all, it is normal.

Let me ask you a question…

Is it you already happened?

You’re in a [email protected] in the process you have fun. You discuss with people you’re interested in what they are doing, who they are, you connect… no pressure.

Then, a guy is cutting edge and, even before it happens, you can feel that it is a bit strange. His shoulders are tensed, he smiled abnormally much and tries a little too to make eye contact. When he opens his mouth, one of two things occurs:

  1. He tries to prove how much he is cool by mentioning his accomplishments, how much money he made or who he knows.
  2. On the contrary, he is portrayed as a victim who is having in his personal life or financial. Poor from him who has not had it easy.

In short, the mere presence of this person makes you want to move from room to room.

What is sad, is that this person has no idea of the vibe creepy/narcissistic she plans to.

Change of course! I’m going to talk to you about a situation which did not, at first sight, no connection with it all. Trust me, and continues to read…

Is this that thou hast already had the impression, when you’re in a relationship, whether men or women are much more attracted to you? It’s crazy, it’s like if you won the magic 3 points of charisma!

The reason why you are more attractive(e) in a relationship single is simple: your interactions are no longer motivated by any purpose of selfish. You have nothing to take (e.g. validation) and you’re not emotionally attached to a result (sexy time!).

When you’re single, and that a person attracts you particularly and that you want it too much, it seems… and it is creepy.

When you’re in a [email protected] and you’re desperate to make a good impression, or closer to customers, it seems… and it is creepy.

It is the attachment to the outcome that we actually act like vampires, that makes us weird.

This is something that can be felt at the level of relationships, as I have just described, but also at the level of our marketing.

It happens to me to see videos or sales pages that make me cringe so much the mindset weird of the author sweats through his creative choices.

Of course, a sales page should have a goal to sell, it is totally normal. But you can feel the insecurity and the lack of authenticity seep through details such as:

  • The use of buzzwords and big words empty of meaning.
  • A focus on the company and not the customer’s problem.
  • A big buy button is placed even before you have presented the product.
  • Everything is in bold, in capitals and highlighted.

And the list goes on…

When you want to a result, that you want something, it implies that you don’t have it already. And when you don’t have something that you want, you fall immediately into a mindset of scarcity.

Have you ever been jealous…

… the guy who has more subscribers than you on Instagram, of the young girl who is followed by 300 000 people on YouTube, the entrepreneur who walks in the Lamborghini?

When one is in a state of mind of scarcity, one has the impression of losing when others are winning. Either you feel inferior and idealizes those who are successful, either we feel superior and judge.

The opposite of scarcity is abundance.

I know that it sounds super cheezy , and that it is the kind of stuff that you expect to hear in a conference of development personnel, but listen to me, this is important.

Your state of mind and your emotional state influence the vibe of your actions and your words. If you do not have the results that you want, the problem is not necessarily what you DO, but WHERE it comes from.

In a [email protected], when you’re in a state of mind of scarcity, it is as if you went with an empty glass and you begging everyone who passes to fill it out. On the contrary, when you are in abundance, your glass is not only full, but you water (spray) all over the world with a big gun to champagne.

When your “glass is empty”, you will often be reactive. That is to say, that you’re not the cause of these events, but that you react to your environment. You feel a little as a victim who must dealer with the crap that life balance to the face — you are on the defensive. You play not to lose instead of playing to win. When you have a good idea, you’re more focused on what might go wrong rather than on the potential gain that you might achieve.

In short, you’re in a cloud of negative emotions that contaminates all those who come to it.

On the contrary, when your “glass is full”, you’re proactive and you play to win. Let’s say that you are freelance and want to hire you for a job, you don’t even the amount of the contract in question — you don’t need the money! On the contrary, you think that you can put on the table. And if you’re not convinced of the value that you can offer, it doesn’t make you a fold on the difference to recommend someone else in your place. And this recommendation? You do it for free because it pleases you.

You do not look to want to be accepted by anyone, you have nothing to prove. You are confident in your skin, present in the moment. This kind of vibe is magnetic. It gives the taste to the people to work with you and to be a part of your world.

But I have not had it easy…

“Oli, I understand what you say to me, but it is precisely for this reason that I read! How can I have abundance? I’m broke like a nail, I want you to tell me how to make a lot of money!”

Abundance is not something you can possess, it is something that exists everywhere around you, and that you have to learn to use. You’re beautiful being the most poor of the world, if you live in the west, then you’re part of one of the richest societies in history.

You have electricity, a bed, running water and an iPhone? Man… You have no idea of your wealth!

The world, society, the economy… It is in a macro-system that is rich in opportunities, desires unmet, frustration free solutions and resources not exploited.

This system is full of tools, levers that you can use to be proactive and try to improve this big machine.

Seriously! You have Facebook and Google who are willing to give you as much visibility as you want for a bit of money. Kickstarter gives you the platform and technology necessary to raise funds. A multitude of bankers and investors who are willing to believe in your project. A manufacturing industry that is willing to produce almost anything. An abundance of apps and software to allow you to perform miracles. Markets like eBay, Etsy and Amazon that are willing to sell and distribute your product. Hundreds of thousands of books, articles, courses, videos, podcasts that are waiting to reveal their knowledge.

If you think seriously that you are poor… then you are it. Because of poverty is definitely not around you, but in your head.

You are looking for may be a quick solution to improve your situation. A technique or a strategy that you can implement that will allow you to generate 1 000, 2 000, see 5 000 $ more per month.

This technique is likely to be available, but it is impossible for you to see. Could you explain it in detail and it would shift like butter.

A bit like the false quote a little higher… “Oli, do just tell me how to become rich!” Bro… this is what I am doing!

Our mind tends to ignore everything that comes out of our frame of reference, so that when you see somebody who is successful, one is more inclined to sweep his accomplishments with the back of the hand (he inherited/scammed people/it is luck), to try to learn from his success.

Our brain carries a damn big pair of blinders. This is an incredible tool, but has some major flaws. It is necessary to recognize it and compensate by opening to the ideas of others, even if they seem ridiculous, unlikely, or simply too complicated.

People often close themselves to what I say when I talk about email marketing, advertising, Facebook, or more recently, cryptomonnaie.

Transversely, I am very uncomfortable with the MLM in general. When I meet someone in this area, I have to suspend my judgement and force me to pay attention. It is a very tough environment, and those who know how to be successful definitely have something to teach me.

What do you serve?

One is not born to receive, we are born to give. Your contribution to society, your community, your culture… It is that which you should obsess.

I opened this article with an example of a typical email that I get: someone who does not love his life and who dream of becoming rich and happy.

To this person, I say: suck it up.

The world don’t owe anything, it is you who owe him something.

To become an entrepreneur, to have the office glassed-in corner, it is necessary to ask a question: give you to your full potential? Is that your actions represent what you can do better? Is this really all that you deserve?

This is not how you ask, but how much you are willing to give will determine your place in the world.

If you agree with me, then your shortcut to becoming rich and happy is light: learn to give more.

Throughout the year, I have been obsessed with this idea. This long reflection has culminée by the release of my book titled” Double Your Value. If you have enjoyed the content of this article, download the preview and order your book! 😉

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