Neighbour who recorded Boris Johnson’s plate smashing row with Carrie Symonds goes public

The neighbour who recorded a late-night bust-up between Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds has gone public.

Tom Penn, 29, who has lived at the flat in Camberwell, south London, for over a year, said he wanted to explain his reasons for recording the argument and calling the police.

Mr Johnson and Miss Symonds were recorded by Mr Penn having a ‘plate-smashing, screaming row’ during which Miss Symonds demanded he leave. 

Police were called, but no formal action was taken.

Mr Penn told the Guardian: ‘In the early hours of Friday morning, I answered a phone call from a take-away food delivery driver. At the same time, I heard what sounded like shouting coming from the street.

‘I went downstairs, on the phone to the driver, and collected my food. On the way back into my flat, it became clear that the shouting was coming from a neighbour’s flat. It was loud enough and angry enough that I felt frightened and concerned for the welfare of those involved, so I went inside my own home, closed the door, and pressed record on the voice memos app on my phone.

‘After a loud scream and banging, followed by silence, I ran upstairs, and with my wife agreed that we should check on our neighbours. I knocked three times at their front door, but there was no response. I went back upstairs into my flat, and we agreed that we should call the police.’  

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