New Mercedes-Benz armoured car can deflect rifle fire and survive hand grenades exploding below it

MERCEDES have released a brand new car that is sure to receive a five star safety rating… because it’s bulletproof.

Not only that, it can withstand the force of “simultaneous detonation of two hand grenades below the vehicle’s floor.”

The Mercedes AMG G63 model can withstand two grenades exploding underneath

The German car giants have adapted their current G63 model to unveil the slick black AMG G63.

It has been reinforced with 360-degree composite materials that enables it to withstand high-powered rifles including AK47s.

Additional equipment includes fire suppression system, siren and emergency lights.

Modified in a factory in Toronto, the car features “premium armouring technologies and ballistic materials” that ensure it remains the second highest level of armoured vehicle protection.

It can also withstand fire from an AK47

Inside it has retained a host of luxury features including a 64-colour LED lighting system and temperature controlled leather seats.

Both Apple and Android smartphones can also be connected.

Although personal safety is priceless, anyone hoping to purchase the AMG G63 will need to fork out a whopping £224,000.

That is still cheaper than Mercedes AMG G63 limousine model that is on sale for a cool £909,000.

Anyone hoping to purchase one will need to fork out £224,000


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