New mum left fuming after her husband missed the birth of their son because ‘the presence of men was disruptive’

A MUM has revealed how her husband was kicked out of the delivery room during the birth of their first child.

Constance Hall claimed that hospital staff told the father of her unborn son, called Denim, to leave because the presence of men was “disruptive”.

A mum has revealed how her husband was kicked out of the delivery room just before she gave birth
Constance Hall/Facebook

The blogger, from Perth in Australia, has explained in an emotional Facebook post how he wasn’t allowed to be present when she delivered their little boy Raja in May last year.

“Denim was kicked out of the hospital the night I had our son, they said men can’t stay, it’s disruptive,” Constance wrote.

She explained that he had to go home and was only allowed to return at 7am the following day – rather than stay with her – meaning that during the night she was “alone, in pain and on strong pain relief” with midwives attending to her.

Additionally, the author recalled how she suffered a “huge panic attack” which left her convinced her baby had fallen from the bed.

Hospital staff told Constance Hall that the presence of men was “disruptive”

By the time Denim was allowed back into the room at 6.59am, Constance had already welcomed their son.

“When he walked through the door I said, ‘isn’t he beautiful’ and Denim replied, ‘why do you think I’m here, I watched my clock all night’,” she continued.

“I watched this man, these eyes, that had gazed upon my body for many hours, watching it change, grow, I watched the lines around his eyes deepen as he smiled at the belly that housed his son.

“I watched those eyes turn their attention to our baby, I watched that man smell our sons tiny body who hours before was still a part of mine, and I learnt what true connection felt like.”

Denim met son Raja for the first time when he was allowed back in at 7am

Constance added: “They kicked my husband out of the hospital the night I had our son, they said man can’t stay, it’s disruptive, and he came back, straight back to me.”

Her post – which soon received 24,000 ‘likes’ – prompted other women to share their experience of giving birth without their partner.

One person commented: “This happened with my three hospital births. Another reason I had my fourth at home with some amazing midwives supporting us.”

The blogger revealed her experience in an emotional Facebook post
Constance Hall/Facebook

Another wrote: “I’m sorry that that is your hospital’s policy. My husband had a bed next to mine and was able to stay with me in the hospital. It was such a great time for family bonding and a huge help and comfort to me.”

A third shared: “My husband has stayed with me for all four of our kids. At the Darwin private hospital we had a private room and he got to sleep there with me and each of our babies.

“It was great. Would have been so hard if he had to leave. I feel for you ladies!”

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