New parents furious after doctor wrongly told mum she’d had a miscarriage

A HEALTHY unborn baby came close to being aborted after a doctor in a private clinic wrongly told a mother she’d had a miscarriage.

New parents Ben and Susanna Williams were given the devastating news that their little girl Riley died in the womb six weeks into the pregnancy.

Susanna Williams, 32, holding her two-year-old daughter Arabella and youngest Riley who she thought had died in a miscarriage[/caption]

As the couple came to terms with the loss of their child, they had to consider having an induced miscarriage to remove the apparently dead fetus from Susanna’s womb.

But a week later an NHS scan revealed Riley was alive and well, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The couple’s joy was overshadowed by their fury at the doctor whose error could have had catastrophic consequences.

Susanna, 32, told the paper: “Every time I look at Riley, I can’t help think how she might not have made it.


Private clinic Window to the Womb apologised for the blunder which could have had catastrophic consequences[/caption]

“We could have got rid of her. And I fear other couples might have aborted healthy babies after being given wrong information at private scanning clinics.”

“I had miscarried before in 2014 at eight weeks, so I thought, ‘Let’s check it out, and put my mind at ease.’”
She approached the private Window to the Womb clinic, who scan from as early as six weeks after seeing good reviews on the the internet.

The couple had their scan done by sonographer Dr Ashish Sharma.

“He went quiet and I asked, ‘Can’t you see anything?’” said Susanna. “He said, ‘Don’t worry. We’ll do an internal scan, because we can get more detail that way.’”

The couple after performing the internal scan he turned to them and said: “Unfortunately, your baby stopped growing at six weeks. You are actually eight weeks’ pregnant, not seven as you thought. But there is no foetal heartbeat.”

The doc then urged to couple to make an appointment at Kingston NHS Hospital to discuss their options and whether they should have an induced miscarriage.

Luckily, the hospital decided to do a scan of its own.

To the couple’s delight a Kingston Hospital sonographer told them: “I’ve got some good news for you. There’s your baby – and that’s your baby’s heartbeat.”

Riley was born healthy and safely in May.

Window to the Womb, in Chessington, South West London, “sincerely apologised” to the couple for the pre-birth blunder, which it described as an “isolated incident”.

The clinic said extra training had been introduced, admitting: “We recognise that we failed on this occasion”.

Dad Ben mount later referred to as Dr Sharma to inform him of the error. “But once I talked to him, there was no apology,” Ben, 36, said. “Instead, he said, ‘I’m very happy it figured out for you.’”



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