NFL star Taiwan Jones left in a bloody mess after being hit in the head while helmet was OFF

BUFFALO BILLS’ Taiwan Jones was left a bloody mess when his helmet came OFF seconds before being smashed in the head.

The incident came in the third quarter of the Bills game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

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Bills’ Taiwan Jones covered in blood after horror collision[/caption]

NFL rules state that play should be halted when a player holding the ball loses their helmet.

But when running back Jones had his protective gear pulled from him in the end zone, the collision happened too fast.

A muffed punt — a term in American football meaning a fumble collected by the same team — saw Jones running back into his own end zone.

As the 30-year-old looked to evade tacklers, he lost his helmet and was the struck in the head by the helmet of Chargers’ Uchenna Nwosu.

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The running back was hit in the head by a helmet when his own came off[/caption]

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Rules state that play should be stopped when a helmet comes off[/caption]

Jones had a significant cut which left him bleeding from the forehead.

He was treated on the field by medics after a lengthy break in play but was able to walk off unaided.

Jones, formerly of the Oakland Raiders, was taken to the locker room where he was examined further.

The day got even worse for the Bills as they lost 20-31 to the Chargers at New Era Field.


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