N’Golo Kante, invité discret du mariage de stars de Cesc Fabregas

The soccer player Cesc Fabregas gave a big party Tuesday night in Ibiza to celebrate his wedding. Among the guests were many soccer stars including the new world champion, N’Golo Kante.

We know that N’Golo Kante is not one of those footballers who show off in the evening and scour the nightclubs. Far from the media hype, he lives his life in quiet England. But for his teammates, the brand new world champion is ready to put aside his legendary shyness for a few hours. On Tuesday evening, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas was giving a very popular party in Ibiza to celebrate his marriage with his beautiful Daniella.

If the two said “Yes” to each other last May, they waited until summer to celebrate this event properly. The Spaniard had invited his teammates and close friends, including N’Golo Kante. The latter posed in front of the photographers with the smile we know him with, dressed simply in a white shirt, black shorts and a pair of basketball shoes. An outfit true to his personality.

During this great evening, he was able to meet another Frenchman, Thierry Henry, who came accompanied by his long-time girlfriend, Andrea Rajacic. Lionel Messi – who also gave a big party last year for his wedding – was also there with his wife Antonella. The Uruguayan Luis Suarez also attended. He posed in front of the photographers with his wife Sofia, several months pregnant.

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