Nick Knowles’s ex wife Jessica Moor goes on a huge rant about ‘a**holes who don’t pay child support’

NICK Knowles’s ex wife Jessica Moor has reportedly gone on a huge rant about “a**holes who don’t pay child support”.

The 30-year-old penned a lengthy post on her Instagram page on Thursday, which appeared to take a dig at the 55-year-old DIY SOS star.

Nick Knowles' ex wife Jessica Moor has penned a huge rant about child support which appears to take aim at the telly star
Nick Knowles’ ex wife Jessica Moor has penned a huge rant about child support which appears to take aim at the telly star
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The couple, who have a four-year-old son named Eddie, married in 2012 before separating in January 2016 while she battled cervical cancer.

Following her recovery, Jessica decided to give their marriage a second try – but their relationship ended for good in divorce in December 2016.

According to MailOnline, Jessica — who runs her own media consultancy —posted this week about the struggles of being a single mum and shared a picture of her with their little boy.

She said: “I am not one for offering life advice on too many things but here’s something I feel like I am able to offer one tiny insight of wisdom into.

Nick Knowles ex wife Jessica appeared to attack him in the lengthy Instagram rant
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The former couple and their son went on holiday to Barbados in December
The former couple and their son went on holiday to Barbados
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“Next time you are talking to a woman – be it a friend or someone you barely know, about the fact that she was LEFT by her partner to raise their child or children alone, please for the love of God don’t say ‘At least he pays for him/her/them.’

“The man’s financial lifestyle will change very little as he will potentially give half (if he’s very generous – this is unlikely) but normally a quarter of his earnings to his ex partner who will be expected to raise the child or children on this amount.

“He will allocate the rest of the money to himself and life will, for him, continue as usual. So the abandoned family have less money, and the Mum has no support in the house by way of raising the child or children anymore.”

She continued: “The man will put pressure on the woman to work if she doesn’t already – so she has less money, less support (if any) in looking after the child and less time but is expected to balance it all.

“The man who has CHOSEN to leave said family and now contributes less financially and emotionally in the child or children’s life will be applauded by society for every input no matter how small – from the fact he continues to see his child, or children, or the fact he actually pays to raise the family he decided to create and then leave – because some a**holes don’t, apparently it’s a big deal when they do.

“The woman gets applauded for nothing – not for the late nights or the early mornings, being the constant, the daily pick up and drop off, the food shopping, the meals, the endless clothes washing, the play dates, the staying up until mid night creating costumes for school events, the lack of social time or the sacrifices she makes.

“Every detail that goes into every second of every day of being the thankless parent that – despite how shit life gets – DOESN’T leave.

“So if you’re trying to be comforting instead of saying ‘At least he pays’ try saying something like ‘You’re an awesome human and your children are going to be so proud of you’ coz, ain’t that the truth.”

Nick Knowles
Building show star Nick Knowles presents DIY SOS
Jessica Moor
Jessica — who runs her own media consultancy — has previously hit out at the DIY SOS star on social media
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It comes after Jessica  claimed that the TV presenter and father of four, who is 26 years her senior, had reneged on a plan to send Eddie to public school.

In January, she posted a tirade online — accusing the celebrity of “emotional cruelty, abuse and eventually isolation” and demanded more than £48,000 a year from him amid their bitter divorce battle.

Nick was reported to be “devastated” by Jessica’s accusations and completely denied her claims.

Jessica currently receives £4,000 a month as part of their settlement but wanted an extra £2,000 a month for Eddie’s education.

Nick reportedly refused to pay the cash and said that he’d pay the school fees directly.

But, just two months ago Nick claimed they were back on good terms.

He told the Mirror: “It took me a while to figure stuff out. I’m really proud of the fact that Jess and I are really good.

“She’s a great mother. Coming out of a marriage is hard, so I just want to make sure it stays respectful.

“I really care about my ex. She’s got a new chap and I’m really pleased. They seem really happy.”

The Sun Online has contacted Nick’s representatives for comment.

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