Nicki Minaj, who was accused by her ex-boyfriend of attempted murder

Separated from 2014, the singer Nicki Minaj and rapper Safaree continue to make headlines. And for good reason ! Tuesday, August 14, the young man took to his Twitter account to publicly accuse his ex-girlfriend for attempted murder. According to his words, the interpreter of”Anaconda” would have stabbed following a big argument. The rapper has decided to unveil this story, after having heard his former friend on the radio station Hot 97.

Invited to the antenna, to promote her latest album “Queen” released on 10 August, the singer is indeed back on about her ex-boyfriend, who had in the past claimed to have written some of his songs at the time of their relationship. Proud of his work, the rapper has formally denied these statements, taking advantage of the opportunity to accuse Safaree of having used his credit card to afford the services of prostitutes. Upset, the main question wanted to put the points on the i via his Twitter account.

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“I almost died”

After you have admitted not to have actually never wrote the songs of Nicki Minaj, Safaree has accused the singer of the stabbing. According to the rapper, 37-year-old, the star would exit from its hinges because she suspected him of having had recourse to the services of prostitutes. “We knew each other by heart. We had everything for us. I have not used your credit card for the services of prostitutes. We were not trusted. You’ve fucked up, I fucked up”, begins Safaree before laying serious charges against his former girlfriend.

“Remember the night you got me stabbed, and I nearly died, the police and the emergency services have had to pull me out of the bed with a stretcher and I had to lie to them and say that I had tried to kill myself so that they wouldn’t put you in prison. When this kind of thing happens more than once, it is time to talk about it”. After the statements of his ex, Nicki Minaj would have belied the facts from TMZ. The american website claims, however, have had access to a video dating 2014, on which the singer continues her ex-boyfriend with a knife. Serious charges, or desire to make the buzz ? Case to follow.

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