Nicky Larson : the Japanese are enthusiastic for the film of Philippe Lacheau

As we discovered last week the first images from the film Nicky Larson by Philippe Lacheau, the French fans were a little disappointed with the result. Our japanese friends, however, are rather excited and intrigued.

If you do not know still not, a new adaptation of Nicky Larson in the film will be released in our cinemas next year. After Babysitting 1 & 2 and Alibi.comPhilippe Lacheau and his team attack the hero City Hunter. Un project that has caused much ink to flow during its announcement because the fans find it hard to imagine Philippe Lacheau in the skin of Nicky Larson. The controversy has even more swollen last week when the leak of the first photos of the characters. We could see Nicky and Laura, interpreted respectively by Philippe Lacheau and Élodie Fontan.

If the French seem circumspect, the Japanese, for their part, seem enthusiastic. A Japanese has shared on his Twitter account the images recently published in France, they have been very well received by the japanese public. At the present time, the tweet had the right to 26 500 retweets and 50 000 I like.

“The poster of the French version of City Hunter really makes City Hunter, and I have huge expectations for Kaori (Laura). And the costumes, too, are faithful ! “

The different people who comment under this tweet seem to be packed also, and find that the poster is a nice homage to the original work.

But at what price ?

If the costumes look alike to the original work, our japanese friends are not aware that the Nicky Larson that we know in France is a Nicky Larson toned down. Philippe Lacheau insisted on the fact that interpreting Nicky Larson, it is a dream of a kid from the Club Dorothée. It is therefore very likely that the film looks like the version that we know in France. If you did not know, in the original work, Nicky Larson is an obsessed sexual who spends most of his time to be erect and to run after the girls. For example, it regularly offers to the fair sex to go to the hotel, in France he proposes to go to the vegetarian restaurant. The original work had to be reworked in order for the cartoon to be broadcast for the young French.

We can’t wait to see a first trailer, just to have a real opinion. Nicky Larson and scent of Eros will be released 6 February 2019 in our cinemas.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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