Nicola McLean issues a warning to Love Island stars over Turkish clinics offering free cosmetic surgery saying they’re too young to know the consequences

NICOLA McLean has issued a warning to the latest batch of Love Island stars about Turkish clinics offering free cosmetic surgery – saying they’re too young to know the consequences.

The 37-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star and former glamour model knows what it’s like to go under the knife, having had a boob job – and more recently – laser liposuction to remove five litres of fat from her torso.

Nicola McLean has issued a warning to Love Island stars about Turkish clinics offering free cosmetic surgery – saying they’re too young to know the consequences
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But the mother-of-two believes young reality stars getting their first taste of fame off the back of the hit ITV2 show will be overwhelmed by offers for free surgery once they’ve returned to the real world.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Nicola said: “You get offered all this stuff for free so it’s really hard to turn it down.
“These places in Turkey – that I would never go to personally – offer all this stuff for free to these 20, 21-year-old girls and the girls do it because it’s ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing getting all this free stuff!’
“People feel like they can’t say no and I feel like that’s the danger, the fillers are free, the Botox is free.

Nicola thinks many of the Love Island stars are too young to consider having surgery
The former glamour model had a boob job and more recently had laser liposuction but doesn’t agree with clinics offering such procedures for free
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“Then you’ve got to remember you see your face every day so you get used to it, so then you start pumping more s**t into your face and I just really feel like we need to be more honest about the fact these companies are offering this s**t for free to girls who are way too young to be doing it.”

“I think they take it way too far but it’s because it’s all for free, if they had to pay for it would they do it? No.”
Earlier this month, former Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson told of her regrets at having cosmetic surgery when she was just 19, having hoped it would fix her insecurities.
But Nicola doesn’t believe young reality stars go under the knife for the same reason, saying: “I know some people have issues with self esteem but I don’t think it’s mainly that, I think it’s those companies giving them things for free.
Former Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson recently shared her regrets over going under the knife when she was 19
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2018 Islander Ellie Brown, 21, had a secret boob job last October just months after leaving the villa
“I know Katie Price has spoke out about it and how she can get it all for free ‘so why not?’”
Nicola has always been open about her surgery, having had her 32GG breast implants recently changed for a slightly smaller 32FF pair, as well as occasional Botox treatments and her laser lipo.
The star, who had her latest surgery carried out in London by renowned surgeon Dr Riccardo Frati, explained the reasons behind it all, saying: “Implants don’t last for a lifetime, when these girls are getting them done so young they’re going to have to have them done again so many times as they don’t last.
Kady McDermott, 23, was on the show in 2016 and has since had a boob job
Nicola wants young reality stars to be made more aware of the dangers of saying yes to lots of free surgery
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“My other ones were 13 years old and they had dropped so much I had to get them changed because of the weight of them.

“I had some liposuction done as well because I just felt I couldn’t get my tummy as flat as I want it. I was really so conscious of my tummy and it was always one of my strong points when I was a model.

“I’ve had kids and getting near to 40 it just wasn’t looking as good, but that’s me absolutely done now, other than a bit of Botox.

“I’m hoping that’s the last time that I ever go under for cosmetic reasons.”
Nicola – who has just launched her third fashion collaboration with Virgin Seven – had the liposuction 12 weeks ago, and admitted she is still feeling “quite sore”.
She added: “It’s not 100 per cent, it’s a long recovery and I don’t think people speak about that.
Nicola is delighted with the results of her lipo but never wants to go under the knife ever again
Virgin Seven collaboration
Nicola has just launched her third collaboration with Virgin Seven
The T-shirts feature fun slogans perfect for summer
“You have to have special lipo massages for a good few weeks, I’m so happy with the results but I definitely won’t be doing it again.
“I had to wear this padded corset for 23 hours a day, it’s really quite hard work.
“I’m not one of those people who goes ‘that looks so good, which it does, I’m going to get my legs done’. No, I’m done.
“I’m not pushing for perfection.”






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