Nine wedding guests catch coronavirus & 200 need urgent tests after ceremony in Spain goes ahead despite local spike

A WEDDING in Spain has gone horribly wrong as more than 200 guests are being  traced and tested after a coronavirus outbreak at the ceremony. 

Health officials in Madrid say nine people have so far tested positive but they fear that number will escalate.

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A view of the crowd wearing protective face masks in Spain this year[/caption]

The wedding ceremony was held in the district of San Sebastian de los Reyes and was attended by 207 people from various parts of Spain.

In addition, 16 staff who helped at the reception are being tested.

Madrid council has confirmed the outbreak but hasn’t said if all 200-plus guests and workers have had to go into quarantine.
The coronavirus scare began just 24 hours after the wedding when one of the people who attended became ill and tested positive for the virus.
Heath chiefs say they do not yet know how the first person got coronavirus but they are concerned the outbreak will spread.

They have urged all residents to make sure they wear their masks at all times where it is mandatory, observe social distancing and use gel regularly.
Madrid is currently dealing with 30 outbreaks of coronavirus in the region with the wedding outbreak and two other clusters being the latest. The two others are in social centres with ten positive cases and 37 contacts being tested.
This is not the first wedding in Spain to cause an outbreak.

A wedding in Tudela in Navarre went horribly wrong when guests, including the bride and her mother, felt ill and tested positive for coronavirus.

More than 280 contacts also had to be traced and tested.

So far, more than 50 people either at the wedding or contacts have come down with the virus.

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16 staff members who helped at the reception are being tested[/caption]


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