Nintendo fans think they’ve unearthed clue that proves secret ‘Switch Pro’ console exists

NINTENDO fans may have uncovered proof that there’s a Switch Pro console on the way.

Bizarrely, the strange clue is actually hidden inside current Nintendo Switch consoles – and only eagle-eyed gamers could’ve spotted it.

Fans think a huge clue about a future console is hiding inside the Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch computer boards have codenames etched onto them
Nintendo Switch
The original Switch board is named after Norse god Odin
FCC / Nintendo

Inside every Nintendo Switch is a computer board that powers the entire system.

On the original Switch, this board was named ODIN – after the god in Norse mythology, Odin.

Then for the new 2019 update to the Nintendo Switch, the board is named “MODIN”.

That’s because it’s simply a modified version of the same console.

Earlier this year, Nintendo unveiled the cheaper Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch
And the new Switch Lite board is named after Vali, son of Odin
FCC / Nintendo

This year also saw the release of a Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a cheaper, less powerful version of the Switch.

And the Switch Lite’s board is named VALI, after Odin’s son Vali.

As rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating for a while, fans have jumped to a conclusion.

Odin has another more famous son called Thor – the hammer-wielding legend best known in recent years for inspiring the Avengers movie character.

Thor is far better-known than Vali, and is famous as a fearsome, athletic warrior.

Nintendo fans now suspect that Nintendo is reserving the name THOR for a future computer board inside a Nintendo Switch console.

And the obvious console to use the board in would be a more powerful, souped-up model called the Nintendo Switch Pro.

“Essentially, Nintendo still has room to name its rumoured Switch Pro after the hammer-wielder,” tech site The Verge points out, after making the link across Norse mythology.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch Lite – what's the difference?

Here's what you need to know…

  • The Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t plug into your television – it’s handheld-only
  • Its Joy-Con controls aren’t detachable, and are built into the handset’s body
  • There’s no TV docking station, so you’ll charge your device using a cable
  • Some games will have restrictions, due to the console being handheld-only
  • There are three new colours: yellow, grey and turquoise
  • The Switch Lite is $100 cheaper than the Switch proper

But what exactly would a Switch Pro look like?

The basic idea is that it would compete with powerful next-gen consoles like the Xbox 2 and PS5.

Both of these consoles promise ludicrously detailed 8K graphics, while the current Switch runs at a maximum of Full HD.

That’s eight times fewer pixels than 8K, which leaves the Switch looking a little archaic.

Sadly, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any actual plans for a Switch Pro, so geeks will have to settle for this latest fan theory instead.

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Do you think there’s a secret Nintendo Switch Pro on the way? Let us know in the comments!

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