No Man’s Sky : multiplayer finally arrives and is revealed with a trailer

This is a good time that the players demand real multiplayer No Man’s Sky and it is only 2 years after its release, almost to the day, that one there will be the right. Indeed, at the time of its initial release, the game had cooled down more than one of the fact that it is exclusively solo and that it was not possible to get in touch with other players even if it was online, but this will change with the next update called NEXT.

The multiplayer mode that was expected

It will still take a bit of a wait before you can play multiplayer on No Man’s Sky since the update is scheduled for the 24th of July next year on PC and PS4, and July 31 for the Xbox One. We will finally embark on the conquest of space in a small group with his friends, and it will also be possible to ally with players that we don’t know to explore the dark universe.

Moreover, in terms of graphics, the game will have the right to a good boost with the most beautiful particle effects (smoke, sand, etc), more details in the different worlds, that is to say, more NPCS, buildings, or clouds, thanks to a system of generation of a planet that has been improved. In addition, the game will be playable for the first and the third person either in the ship or on foot on a planet.

In the program :

  • sharing of resources and databases
  • creation of circuits and racing vehicles
  • the ability to build bases anywhere, on any planet, and to have several
  • improvement of buildings
  • a hundred new elements of construction
  • creation of a space fleet

Finally, Hello Games explained through Sean Murray , the studio is still working on the game to provide more content until you get a perfectly finished in their eyes.

Maybe it would be interesting to look back on No Man’s Sky where the out of the closet to rediscover it through the multiplayer mode. And for a great start to your party, here are a few tips.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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