No matter what much I smoke as we speak, I DO NOT want that… (30 Photos)


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  1. In Naples, in the shadow of the Camorra, teenage gangs will do anything to play in the big league.

    In front of the judges, Gennaro admitted to killing for a cigarette. He was only 17 years old. Three bullets, fired at close range. Since then, the man who the Italian press has renamed “the Bad Man” has been serving a 22-year sentence in the Airola juvenile prison. Located one hour from Naples, this former palace, once converted into a convent, now houses the young growths of organised crime. That morning, the wide marble corridors were plunged into an unusual calm. Only the clatter of the heels of the headmistress, Marianna Adanti, who smiles indulgently: “On Sundays, we let them sleep in. They are kids, after all. »

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