Northern lights latest – Aurora Borealis and power outage to hit UK AGAIN on Friday in latest solar storms

ANOTHER solar storm is expected to be visible in the UK – and could cause havoc with the power grid.

Experts think there’s a chance a solar flare eruption could cause a geomagnetic storm at the end of the week but it’s more likely to cause a pretty aurora than mess with our power.

The storm is due to a Coronal Mass Ejection, a massive burst of material from the sun which can cause a phenomenon known as a geomagnetic storm, which interferes with the Earth‘s magnetic field. said: “Another CME is coming, but this one might miss. A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR2882 erupted on Oct. 12th (~0200 UT).

“The debris is expected to pass in front of Earth on Oct. 15th. The near-miss could spark Arctic auroras, but probably no geomagnetic storm.”

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