Number of over fifty-fives admitted to NHS hospitals over drugs soars with cannabis abuse up by 250 per cent

THE number of over-55s admitted to NHS hospitals over drugs has shot up nearly six-fold in a decade.

Cases of drug-linked mental or behavioural disorders rose from 1,390 to 7,800.

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The number of over-55s admitted to hospital for taking drugs has rapidly increased in ten years[/caption]

Those seeking treatment for cannabis abuse rocketed more than 250 per cent in the same period.

Meanwhile, older folk needing treatment for abuse of opiates such as heroin increased nearly six-fold — from 500 to 2,900 last year.

The tide of older users going to hospital has overwhelmed the NHS, expert Tony Rao told The Times. Meanwhile, admissions of young druggies fell six per cent.

Dr Rao, a Royal College of Psychiatrists addictions specialist, said the service had “failed to recognise the alarming increase in drug misuse among baby boomers” — those born after World War Two.

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Dr Rao, a Royal College of Psychiatrists addictions specialist has demanded action is taken to stop people’s lives being destroyed by drugs[/caption]

He demanded action to “stem the tide of avoidable deaths and lives destroyed by drugs”. Dr Rao said earlier generations had curbed drug use as they aged, but that had happened “to a lesser extent” with baby boomers.

He identified two types. One group began smoking cannabis when young and simply carried on. But a second started on drugs much later “as a response to a life event” such as illness or bereavement.

Tony Saggers, former National Crime Agency drugs chief, said last night: “I understand to a degree a young person not realising the implications. But older people have lived long enough to see the significance.”

Earlier this year Home Secretary Sajid Javid rapped older, wealthier druggies for boosting the trade. He said: “If you’re a middle-class user thinking, ‘I’m not doing any damage,’ well, there’s a whole supply chain.”

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Earlier this year Home Secretary Sajid Javid criticised middle-class drug users who think they’re doing no damage[/caption]


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