NYX creates a line of 45 funds of complexion that one already wants to

You read that right : 45 shades.

Fenty Beauty has launched the movement, L’oréal took the train, and then there are many other brands like Too Faced, with the “Born This Way” who have done the same by offering a wide range with thirty to forty colors of foundation (it is what it is). Currently the society supports its diversity, so the brands are sure to delight all skin tones by going further and further in the research.

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La paupière colorée, même en été

For your enjoyment (we hope), it is NYX who has announced the future sale of its new range of “Can’t stop, Won’t stop” (“can’t stop, won’t stop”), which includes 45 shades. In addition to proposing a suitable color to the skin very clear as very dark, the brand has made every effort to also develop the foundation that will be suitable for a wide number of sub tones that are unfortunately often left behind.

“Can’t stop, Won’t stop”

To mark the difference, NYX has decided to work on this range for a number of months to the sides of the youtubeuse makeup american Alissa Ashley. After many tests, they have finally managed to create a foundation with a matte finish for 24 hours, and a great novelty : it is anti transfer. Gone are the dark traces on white t-shirts, regardless of your skin color !


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