OAP and sister jailed for refusing to obey orders over his £9.4million divorce

AN elderly tycoon and his ­sister have been jailed for defying court orders over his £9.4million divorce.

Self-made property boss John Hart, 83, was locked up for failing to hand his business to ex-wife Karen, 62.

John Hart and his sister Karen Byrne have both been given jail terms
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And yesterday his “highly respectable and respected” sister Susan Byrne, 65, was also jailed for what a judge called “misplaced loyalty” to her brother.

Hart was ordered to pay Karen £3.5million by a divorce judge three years ago after a 20-year marriage.

He kept £5.9million of the marital pot but was told to hand his ex the keys to his firm, worth £1.6million. She had to get a court order to remove him from the company’s offices.

And by the time she gained access it had been stripped of almost all the records and documents needed to run it.

Hart, of Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, got 14 months earlier this year for ­failing to comply with the court order.

Karen Hart was awarded £2.5million by a divorce judge
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Now Byrne has been given three months for failing to hand Karen the documents.

Judge Stephen Wildblood told the High Court: “This is a ridiculous situation which is brought about by a steadfast refusal to obey court orders.”

Sentence was stayed for 21 days for her to consider an appeal.


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