Office holiday party fallout: Office holiday party Tweets to help you cope (26 Photos)

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  1. And what is she still dreaming about? From the Champions League with the PSG. It will all start on 24 March with a quarter-final against Arsenal. She would also like to qualify with Denmark for the Euro 2021. And then… she also dreams of Afghanistan. “I never went back. I would like to open a football school there one day.” If they put their hearts into it, boys will be welcome. n defense. In her first game, however, she scored three goals. The player is spotted, signs a contract. “I wasn’t technical, but I was fast. And I was working hard. I set myself goals for the next day. Limits to be pushed back. I have progressed quickly.” The club pays for the bus trips to keep her practicing. In 2009, Nadia, a naturalized Danish citizen, became the first sportswoman of foreign origin to join the national team. She has come a long way; now she is going to see the country. From her three years in the United States, with the Sky Blue and Portland Thorns teams, she retained a word: “goosebump”. Goose bumps. The one felt in the middle of a stadium vibrating with the songs of thousands of fans. Then the striker set off for Manchester City, before being seduced by PSG. Her mother and sisters have stayed in Denmark and Norway, but in her club, Nadia discovers another family. “Here, for the first time in a long time, I felt a sense of welcome close to that of Afghan culture. Very open and very warm.”

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