On board the luxury private Boeing 777 with own restaurant and Las Vegas mixologist that Boston Red Sox paid £400,000 to catch to London for NY Yankees clash

THE Boston Red Sox spared no expense on their players for the trip to London this weekend.

The Major League Baseball side face their bitter rivals, the New York Yankees, at West Ham’s London Stadium on Saturday and Sunday.

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Boston Red Sox players travelled to London in ultra luxury on the £400,000 Crystal Skye[/caption]

Instagram/JD Martinez

The special Boeing 777 has a full restaurant and top chef on board[/caption]

And players were treated to five-star service for their flight across the Atlantic, as the franchise booked the £400,000 Crystal Skye.

The private charter Boeing 777 can fit up to 88 people, rather than the usual 300, and is said to be the most luxurious jet in the world.

It comes with its own restaurant and a cocktail mixologist who was headhunted from a top bar in Las Vegas.

The dining area includes four large tables (with seat belts, just in case) and a huge spread welcomed the squad as they clambered on board.

After eating, the players would have been able to return to their seats, if they so chose, where they could choose to sleep or watch the in-flight entertainment.

You can watch films or TV and listen to music on a 24-inch touchscreen display, with noise-cancelling Bose headsets and high-speed WiFi included.

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The players were treated to a spread on their way to face the New York Yankees[/caption]

Crystal Skye

The chairs can be laid fully flat if the passenger wants to sleep and each comes with a 24-inch touchscreen[/caption]

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The bathroom is not like one you’d usually find on a plane[/caption]

If a passenger wants to rest or sleep they might get a better night’s kip than they would expect at home.

The seats are upholstered in hand-stitched English leather and are a cut above business class, staggered for privacy and space.

Each chair folds out fully flat, while cashmere blankets, goose-down pillows, mattress toppers and plush duvets are on offer.

There’s plenty of space on board – the aisles are double width and were specifically designed so two people can walk past each other without squeezing.

Finally, the six bathrooms are better than you’d find in a five-star hotel, with granite tops and deep basins so you don’t get splashed.

Super-rich guests can book the plane for travel to luxury wedding destinations, for celebrations and as an event space.

The Red Sox players were travelling to London for the first MLB games ever in Europe.

The rivals, two of the biggest teams in the US, will play two matches, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Charlie Hill, the MLB’s vice-president of international strategy, said “now is the time” to shift the focus to Europe.

“We want more people aware, playing and watching our sport,” he says.

“How you choose to engage with baseball is up to you, whether it’s wearing a baseball cap with a team name on, picking up a bat, or watching the London Series on the television.”

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The Red Sox face the Yankees in the first ever MLB games in Europe on Saturday and Sunday[/caption]


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