OnlyFans ban latest – Explicit content banned after ‘squeamish’ investors feared being cut off by banks incl. Mastercard

FOR some time, the UK OnlyFans platform tried to attract more mainstream influencers and celebrities that were wary of being associated with porn. But the policy switch came after growing pressure from financial services companies.

Guy Stokely, OnlyFans’ head of finance and father of founder Tim, told the Financial Times that: “Banks and other financial partners are introducing more controls. We want to ensure the sustainability to our business and the move we are making makes us more acceptable to these people”.

Josh Constine, principal investor at venture fund SignalFire, said investors had been “squeamish” around OnlyFans due to a looming risk of being cut off by payment processors such as Mastercard.

However, Mastercard and banks alike will soon implement new rules which will demand stricter content review processes over porn.

The ban on porn “might bring in more investors”, Constine said, but it is “bad for sex workers [and] bad for OnlyFans as the line drawn between nude and explicit will be tough to moderate”.

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