Operation iron fist : the disabled were blocked by the giant Airbus

Operation iron fist in the Gers. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, fifteen people with disabilities ( including 8 wheelchair users) have blocked for 24 hours for a convoy to Airbus. Lying on the floor, the activists of Handisocial have is the dam to the routing of the parts of the A380 to the works of Toulouse. By targeting a symbol of economic strong, their will is to put pressure on the government to remove the article 18 of the draft law Elan.

If the economic world to attack the interests of the disabled then we tackle the their

“This article is the straw that broke the camel’s back!”, lance Odile Maurin, president of Handisocial. Adopted in first reading by the national Assembly in June, the bill provides for the transition from 100% to 10% of housing accessible to people with disabilities in new construction. The 10% of units remaining will be “evolutionary”, that is to say that they will be “made accessible by simple work”. “This text has been dictated to the government by the French building federation and the professional organizations of promoters. If the world economic attack to the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, so we look forward to their” continued this fervent community activist who deplores the proposed cut 90% of the accessible housing so that, with supporting examples, of persons with disabilities, in its region, are up to 15 years to access their application.

We will make the beautiful days of long-term care facilities!

The president of Handisocial does not believe either in the concept of housing a “living” or “simple works”. “This is not so simple to move partitions, electrical wiring… Especially, the lessor will quickly make his choice between the person with a disability for which you have to finance the work of adaptation and the valid person”. A risk, she says, to see people with disabilities cannot choose their place of living, or to resign themselves to go into an institution. “We will make the beautiful days of long-term care facilities! Believe that they, too, are wet in the business…” A “case” that exceeds the handicap since they will not be able, she says, “dinner at their friends, their relatives, their colleagues, if the homes are more accessible”.

One can not hold constantly a discourse on the inclusion and doing the opposite!

Deploring the lack of real vision on the issue, the president explained : “In France, the architects and the builders are not trained in universal design. They realize first of all their project and then reflect on how to make it accessible. It is this which is expensive. We can learn from London for the olympics, or what are the scandinavian countries! One can not hold constantly a discourse on the inclusion and doing the opposite!”

Happy to have been able to block a giant, Odile Maurin and his comrades do not count to stop there. “We plan to increase the shares of punch by small groups of people. We will be there where we don’t expect. We need to stop thinking that we can do nothing because one is disabled. What is blocking us, it is the lack of accessibility and compensation.”

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The political will they be sensitized to the point that they can review their copy? The president of Handisocial only see for now that the reactions by media interposed. “If Ms. Cluzel has arguments, it comes with its experts to meet with us in Toulouse, we have ours. This will also provide the opportunity to have a hearing in public.” The message is launched, madame secretary of State will hear ?

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