Police operation at Actes Sud, the former home of Françoise Nyssen

The police conducted on Wednesday morning, an “operation recognition” in the paris offices of Actes Sud, in the framework of the preliminary investigation on the work of controversial carried out by the publishing house headed by the current minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen. “A team from the brigade for the repression of crime against the person (BRDP) is currently visiting our offices in paris. It is a tour of observation of the state of the premises” and not a search, indicated to the AFP the Estelle Lemaitre, communications director of the publishing house.

“This operation was not made suddenly, but after an appointment,” she pointed out. A source close to the case has confirmed to AFP that police operation at Actes Sud.

Work suspects, according to “Le Canard enchaîné”

It fits in the framework of the preliminary investigation opened by the prosecutor’s office in Paris on 23 August to determine if the expansion of the paris offices of Actes Sud in 1997 and from 2012 complied with the code of urban planning.

The investigation follows a information of the “Canard enchaîné” revealed Françoise Nyssen, who has led Acts South before becoming a minister in 2017, had increased to 150 m2 the surface of the premises of the publishing house in Paris “without authorization of work or statement to the tax authorities”.

Two months earlier, she had also been pinned by the satirical newspaper, for the expansion non-authorized seat Actes Sud in Arles. She had then talked about “negligence”.

Concerning this new case, the minister, already criticized on its balance sheet, said that she was at the disposal of the parquet.

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