Where to eat the best traditional food ?

More than six people in ten (61 %) would choose a destination for taste the local specialties. This is the point at which the container of the base is important in the choice of a destination for travellers. In the framework of a study, the website of accommodation booking online Booking.com reveals what are the best destinations in the world to taste new flavors.

Between the dim sum, noodles, and other phở, the South-East Asia is full of tasty local specialities. Therefore, it is not a coincidence if the gourmet in search of new flavors come mainly in this region. Here are the top 10 best destinations for a taste of local cuisine based on 18 509 people interviewed in the survey.

The 10 best destinations for a taste of local cuisine

  1. Ipoh, Malaysia
  2. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  3. Nagoya, Japan
  4. Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  5. João Pessoa, Brazil
  6. Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam
  7. Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
  8. Colmar, France
  9. Lima, Peru
  10. Catania, Italy

The gastronomic tours are popular. The study indicates that more than one-third of international travellers (and 40% for the respondents of the generation Y) are planning to do in 2018. “The kitchen plays a vital role when choosing a destination for vacation and during the trip itself. In making culinary discoveries, travelers soak up the local culture, establish relationships with locals and being open to the world,” said Pepijn Rijvers, senior vice president and general manager of marketing at Booking.com.

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