Owl camouflaged perfectly into dry stone wall – can you see it?

ANIMALS are experts at hiding in plain sight – proved with a perfectly taken shot of a tiny owl blending seamlessly into a dry stone wall.

Derbyshire-based photographer, Village Jim, captured the little bird in a series of striking images bound to have people squinting desperately to find it.

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Having moved up to a higher vantage point the tiny owl is even harder to spot[/caption]

Only eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot the small grey bird perched on the iconic wall in one particularly tricky photo.

At a closer glance the rugged line of grey transforms to reveal the Little Owl sitting stock still about a third of the way down the stones.

It could be taking a short nap, safe in the knowledge it’s hard to find, or simply surveying its adopted home.

In another shot the small owl has hopped up onto the top of the wall with a few pals.

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The Little Owl can be seen by keen eyes perching on the stone wall[/caption]

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But when a few of the gang hop onto the top of the wall they are much easier to spot[/caption]

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Even perched on the roof of this old barn the old is tricky to spot immediately thanks to their colouring[/caption]

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The owl seems to have clocked the photographer in this shot and knows it has been spotted[/caption]

They are much easier to spot as they jut above the solid line of grey stones, but still blend in with the colour of their feathers.

The family appear to have found the perfect spot to shelter, amongst the ancient wall that snakes through a field.

And it looks like they are quite at home in the surroundings, as the photographer also captured a shot of one of the owls sitting on the roof of an old barn.

Little Owls can be found throughout England and Wales, with some seen in southern Scotland.

They like lowland farmland with hedges and copses – so this Derbyshire field with various forms of shelter is ideal.

Little Owls are closely associated with mythology, specifically the Greek goddess Athena and the Roman goddess Minerva – representing wisdom and knowledge.

Camouflage is nature’s gift, designed to keep these creatures safe from predators – and can make them invisible to the human eye.

We have reported on other animals blending in to their surroundings, as they hide in plain sight.

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