Pamela Anderson : on vacation with Adil Rami, she dares a neckline more plunging

Icon swimsuit in red from the famous series of the nineties baywatch, Pamela Anderson is again on the front of the stage. In a couple, with the world champion Adil Rami, for more than a year, it has caused much ink to flow in recent months. His latest buzz ? A photo posted on Instagram. On the picture, it can be seen lying on a sun lounger. The blonde 51-year-old looks sensually the goal. Look-wise, it adopts a top red to the naked shoulders and, of course, terribly neckline. It is almost a trademark for the actress. The color recalls its legendary swimsuit high-cut, which has marked a whole era when she performed the role of C. J. Parker. On Instagram, he did just that a few minutes for the photo to make the buzz. This last garnered many comments, some admiring its beauty, others a bit more critical on his cosmetic surgery.

But one thing is for sure : the photo has infatuated the internet users. And we understand why. Because even 50 years ago, Pamela Anderson is always sexy.

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