Pancakes Giant {Vegan}

Hi everyone

Today, a recipe for breakfast that I like me do in this moment

It is quick to make and ultra greedy

Then of course, this is not “Healthy”, but it’s so good

Ideal for breakfast on the morning of Sunday ^^

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

You need

100g of flour

30g of sugar

3g of baking powder

10g Corn starch

150ml of milk plant

AND what you want for the toppings : here fruit, nut butters of peanut, Pecan and maple syrup

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

In a large bowl we mix the flour, the sugar, the cornstarch and the baking powder

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

Then we add the plant milk and blend to get a homogeneous paste

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

Then, we heat a small frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil that one to spread out with the paper towel

Pour the batter into the skillet

Cover and let cook over low heat

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

Until the dough is almost cooked and bubbles have formed on the dough

It returns

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

And we let cook for 1/2 minutes until it is golden brown on the second side

Pancakes Géant {Vegan}

It remains only to add the toppings

And it is ready

So I put mango, raspberries, pecans, peanut butter, hemp seeds and a little maple syrup

A treat

Good Sunday !!!

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