Parcoursup: 17 000 young people still without affection in the higher education

Nearly 17,000 young people of which 10,000 high school graduates are still waiting for a place in higher education on the platform Parcoursup, said on Monday the minister of higher Education Frédérique Vidal. Asked on LCI on the number of applicants still without affection for the next school year, Ms. Vidal responded that they are currently “a 17,000-10,000 high school graduates”. “There’s 60,000 high school graduates more than the last year who have already found their training for the new school year on the same date and, therefore, we end up with these 17.000 candidates who are always in search of training,” she said.

Last year, they were at the end of July, a little more than 65,000 young people registered on the old platform admission post-bac (PDB) without any allocation to the university. In total this year, “they are 593.000 to have a definitive yes and 80% to be accepted. It was, therefore, 20% of young people who have other choices and waiting to see”, she added. These 20% are mainly young people who are waiting to see if they are taken on one of their(s) vow(s) on a waiting list. To this day, almost 150,000 young people have left the platform. In mid-July, they were 90,000 to have left Parcoursup then they had had at least one of their wishes welcomed.

“We will do a balance at the end of September”

For the minister, this figure is explained, in particular because “Parcoursup does not have all of the training on offer” such as the canadian institutes of nursing, or Science Po. “We will do a balance at the end of September and we will look if there are things to improve”, she further specified. Questioned on the modalities of selection, employed by some institutions, including the use of algorithms, the minister is of the opinion that it “is not subject”: “This I say institutions, is that they have worked on the basis of Excel files and the juries of admission, and I believe them”.

Several organizations opposed to the law on the new conditions for access to the university and to Parcoursup -the Unef (student union), the FCPE (federation of parents of students), the Ferc-CGT and Snesup-FSU (teachers ‘ unions in higher), UNL (union high school) and the SAF (syndicat des avocats de France)- as well as the president of the departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, announced mid-July that it had entered the human rights Defender to “shed light on the modalities of selection”. In the beginning of the procedure, 812.000 candidates –graduating seniors and students in reorientation– had confirmed at least one wish on Parcoursup, a figure comparable to last year.

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