Parents feed their son food scavenged from BINS to save £150 a month

A PAIR of thrifty parents feed their son on food scavenged from BINS – saving £150 a month in the process.

Chelsey Fleming, 25, and boyfriend Johnny, dodge cops and security guards every night as they break into supermarket bins to feed eight-month-old Griffin.

Chelsey Fleming, 25, and boyfriend Johnny live off scavenged food
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming
They claim to save £150 on food bills every month by dumpster diving
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming

The couple, from Georgia, US, claim that using food earmarked for landfill has saved them £150 a month in food bills alone.

They even scavenge Christmas presents and toiletries – and sometimes sell their finds to friends and family.

Chelsey said: “No one in America should be going hungry with all the food that gets thrown out from big companies and even from our own homes.

“Some people act snooty about the way we live, but Johnny and I have a lot to show for it.

No one in America should be going hungry with all the food that gets thrown out from big companies and even from our own homes

Chelsey Fleming

“We are homeowners with no debt, and we got here by penny pinching.

“The people that turn their noses up at us usually can’t say the same for themselves.

“What really shocked me though is the amount of support I’ve been receiving from doing this; a lot of people seem to be inspired by it.

“I want more people to try doing this. Not only for their own benefit but for others and for the environment we live in.

“Forty million Americans struggle with hunger, while food waste is estimated to be about thirty to forty percent of the food supply.

“That’s billions of pounds of food going straight to landfills.

“While a few dumpster divers saving a little bit won’t put any kind of dent in those numbers, it’s the raising of awareness that really counts.”

Every day they dodge security guards and police officers to find food
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming
Their vast hauls are more than enough for a family-of-three
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming
They started scavenge after son Griffin was born
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming
Some of their finds get sold on to family and friends
MDWfeatures / Chelsey Fleming

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