Parents fume as shock education dept graphic says your BABY may be racist as they become biased at three months

SOME parents are fuming as a shocking Department of Education graphic says your BABY may become biased for race at three months old.

The graphic seeks to encourage conversations about race with children – but was dubbed “f***ing crazy” by one person, as another called it “absurd.”

The graphic shows babies may develop racial biases around 3months old

A graphic shared by the Arizona Department of Education shows silhouettes of kids at different ages, and says “They’re not too young to talk about race!,” KPHO-TV first reported.

Citing a number of studies ranging from 1997 to 2016, the graphic details how kids may develop different biases or become prejudice throughout different stages of their childhood.

With a picture of a newborn, the graphic says when babies are born they “look equally at faces of all races.”

“At three months, babies prefer to look at faces of their own race,” it adds.

By age four and five, the graphic says “expressions of racial prejudice peak.”

It encourages parents to talk about race with kids, and states: “Adults often worry that talking about race will encourage racial bias in children, but the opposite is true.

It adds: “Silence about race reinforces racism by letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see,” and offers resources to help start conversations with kids.

As the graphic was shared on social media, some people found issue with it – particularly by stating that babies may have racial biases.

“They’re completely over the edge with their insane critical race theory. Targeting three-month old babies now? The boredom must be immense & intense at the Arizona Department of Education…” one person wrote.

One woman commented: “I’m a mom and little kids are completely a-racial until the parents and tv and movies and their local community influence them.”

“that is f***ing crazy,” one person wrote.

Another dubbed it “absurd,” while several called it “insanity.”

Others, however, said that talking about race with kids is important and found no issue with the graphic.

“To be fair most of this is known already. That’s why good parents encourage their kids to interact equally with all kids. That’s why good parents tell their kids that some people think color makes someone better or less than others and that thoughts like that are wrong and why,” one person commented.


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