Parents-to-be set off 80lb gender reveal BOMB causing blast so huge homes across two states are damaged and dad arrested

WHOA baby! Expecting parents packed a wallop into their gender reveal soiree. 

The family affair involved launching a big bang of store-bought pyrotechnics at a New Hampshire quarry.

Parents-to-be ignite bombshell gender reveal causing a blast so huge it shakes homes across two states

Only the blast was so extreme that it shook towns across state lines in Massachusetts and even cracked the foundation of a neighboring home. 

“We heard this god-awful blast,” Sara Taglieri, who lives nearby the Torromeo Industries where the shindig took place and was home at around 7pm when it happened, told NBC 10 Boston. “It knocked pictures off our walls… I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme.

Taglieri’s husband, Matt, claimed one of their neighbors suffered cracks to the foundation of their home as a result.

WBZ 4 CBS Boston

Torromeo Industries where expecting parents blew up the spot when they revealed the gender of their unborn child[/caption]

WBZ 4 CBS Boston

The gender reveal blast was so intense that it cracked one neighbor’s Kingston, New York home foundation[/caption]

WBZ 4 CBS Boston

Neighboring homes were rattled by the blast that went off at around 7pm on Thursday[/caption]

Consumer explosive used in firearms target practice that was allegedly bought by the dad to blow up during his gender reveal party[/caption]

Kingston police were flooded with 911 calls and reports of the freak blowup. 

When units reached the quarry, they found a mixer going on where parents-to-be were celebrating the gender of their future charge. 

They explained to the cops that they chose a quarry to launch big bangs, assuming it would be safe. 

They later confirmed the source to be 80 pounds of over-the-counter Tannerite, an explosive bought in kit form and used for target practice with firearms, the cops told The Associated Press

The unidentified future father, believed to be the one who bought the incendiary stuff, surrendered himself to authorities. 

As yet, cops have not confirmed any reports of injuries.


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