Paris : a burglar 9 year old arrested by the police

A child aged nine years, and his fellow 13-year-old suspected to have burglarized an apartment in the north of Paris, were arrested Thursday night by police, told AFP Friday police source. The two young burglars were arrested in the vicinity of 22 hours by a crew from the brigade anti-criminality (BAC) while they were stuck on a scaffolding of a building located in the Twentieth arrondissement of the capital.

Before being arrested, the two suspects got rid of a bag containing multi-media materials, a wallet and money.

The youngest was placed in foster

The likely victim of the burglary told the police officers have attempted to master one of the young suspects who managed to escape with punches before he and his accomplice does not take flight through the scaffold.

The youngest of the arrested nine-year-old has been placed in the home, the second was the subject of a custody.

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