Parliament chiefs investigate claims its website was hacked amid fears of confidential data breach

PARLIAMENTARY authorities were last night investigating claims of a cyber security breach on its website.

The site containing bills currently before Parliament was showing private folders not meant for publication.


Parliamentary chiefs are investigating ‘a cyber security issue’ following claims its website was hacked[/caption]

One Twitter user said they had found passwords had leaked online too.

A Parliamentary spokesman said it was looking into the reports but said it had not found any evidence that confidential parliamentary data had been breached.

The spokesman said: “The UK Parliament is currently investigating a cyber security issue.

“As with all responsible organisations we take cyber security seriously, with systems in place to protect member and staff accounts and to prevent unauthorised access to information.

“Although we are aware of a reported issue with the site, it is not thought to contain Parliamentary data and we are working with the server owner to resolve the matter.”


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