Passenger claims her new jacket gets her airport discounts because she looks like a flight attendant

A PASSENGER has claimed she has a way to get discounts at the airport – wearing a certain jacket.

She said that she has a fitted black jacket that she wears to the airport with a red scarf, and without realising it at first, received discounts from restaurants because it makes her look like a member of cabin crew.

Laura Byrnes

A Reddit user said that wearing this jacket got her airport discounts[/caption]

Posting to Reddit, user Rhythmicdancer claimed: “I have a really cool black corset jacket that’s chic and a little gothy. I wear it with a beautiful vintage rhinestone brooch on the lapel.

“It’s so versatile I can wear it for a meeting, for cocktails or on a casual day.

“I recently flew to a few cities to perform in a few gigs, and I wore this as my travel jacket.

“Before I boarded my plane at San Francisco I got myself some breakfast at the airport. While eating, I looked at the receipt and noticed I got an employee discount.”

Laura Byrnes

The smart jacket has a corset at the back – and could be mistaken for a flight attendant’s[/caption]

She says she went on to look in her purse and realised that she has been given discounts at JFK airport in New York whilst wearing the same jacket a few days before this.

The user added: “I looked at other dining receipts from the other airports, and with the exception of one, they all showed employee discounts.

“I don’t work here as a flight attendant, but I like the perks that come with wearing this cool jacket.”

Other Reddit users begged to see what the jacket looks like, and the user finally gave in and posted it as an update.

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The user said that she thinks she has been mistaken for a flight attendant at the airport because of her clothing[/caption]

She added: “What likely made it work was that I wore it with a silk scarf. My hair was either curled or in a neat chignon, can’t remember.

“I remember wearing a pencil skirt, comfy heels and my trademark red lipstick. I’m sure smiling at the airport workers who rang up my purchases [with a discount].

“Happy styling with this jacket – or whatever blazer you have to pull this off.”

The jacket in question is the Laura Byrnes California Morgana jacket in black, and costs $200 (£156) from Pinup Girl Clothing.

User MisterDamage replied that he had also been mistaken for airport staff and received discounts when wearing a high-vis jacket.

He wrote: “When I was a courier, I used to love making my last delivery to the airport because the high-vis I’m required to wear makes people think staff’ and there was a great fast food place that would always give me a staff discount.”

User RestlessFA wrote: “Delta [staff] used to wear these really beautiful long black jackets, I wonder if it got confused for that?”

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