Paul Hollywood is bake where he started and he only has himself to blame after his midlife crisis

IT may still be August, but Summer is well and truly over for Paul Hollywood.

Actually, Summer Monteys-Fullam ran out of the door after being told she had to sign a draconian non- disclosure agreement, vowing not to give away any details of her affair with the Bake Off dough boy.

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Paul Hollywood has only himself to blame after the breakdown of his marriage and relationship with girlfriend Summer[/caption]

Apparently, she thought she was going to receive a romantic proposal and engagement ring but instead was presented with a cold, legal document that all but screamed: “I don’t trust you.”

She decided to pack up all her crop tops and tight jeans and flee as fast as her lithe, 24-year-old legs would carry her.

We are told Hollywood, 53, charmingly bellowed after her: “Why don’t you f*** off back on that horse you rode in on?”

Not exactly the stuff of tender romance, I’m sure you will agree.

I think we all knew this midlife crisis of a romance would end in tears


But let’s be honest, I think we all knew this midlife crisis of a romance would end in tears.

For a start it all played out in the public eye like a soap opera, which never bodes well.

Paul, who bizarrely seems to be regarded (mainly by himself) as some sort of sex symbol, has not exactly covered himself in glory when it comes to his love life.

Don’t forget that back in 2013, he cheated on ex-wife Alex with his cutesy-pie American co-presenter.

That was when he went to the US hoping to cash in on his Bake Off fame and attempted to build a lucrative career across the pond.

The affair with Marcela ­Valladolid might have generated a lot of free publicity and media attention, but his bid for transatlantic success never took off.


He came home with his tail between his legs and had to eat a great big entire humble pie to win back his wife.

We don’t ever know what goes on inside a marriage, but Alex took him back, possibly for the sake of their teenage son Josh.

At the same time she appeared on my show to kick-start her own career as a cook.

She was very good, with a no-nonsense, immensely likeable personality — and her food was delicious. She’s since become a celebrity chef in her own right.

I recall that Alex brought her sheepish husband along with her that morning for her first appearance on live TV.

He did his best impersonation of a penitent man

Perhaps it was for moral support, but I reckon it was more likely to keep an eye on him. He did his best impersonation of a penitent man and they somehow managed to reheat the souffle.

Of course, it didn’t last.

They split up in 2017 and that same year, Hollywood began his relationship with ex- barmaid Summer.

Alex was convinced the affair began before they finally split but this was vehemently denied by both Paul and Summer.

Paul and Alex, of course, are now divorced. And he apparently faces an imminent court battle over cash.

Alex could even end up with half her ex-husband’s ­estimated £10million fortune.


Summer Monteys-Fullam with her chicken Karen she shared with ex-boyfriend Paul Hollywood[/caption]

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Hollywood and Marcela Valladolid as judges on The American Baking Competition[/caption]

She is currently enjoying a holiday in France, where she was photographed looking chic, cool and effortlessly ­elegant.

No one could fail to forgive her for feeling a bit smug that her ex has been so publicly dumped. After all, she had to bear her share of public humiliation over his behaviour.

Meanwhile, it gets worse and worse for Paul, as inevitably there is now talk of ­Summer writing a book and appearing in a clutch of reality shows.

She didn’t sign the NDA so is completely free to warble about their sex life and all sorts of potentially embarrassing revelations if she wishes.

So it looks like Paul is leaving Summer behind him and entering the autumn and winter of his life alone, with only himself to blame.

Dancer Gwen a legend

I’ve just gobbled up the entire new BBC series Fosse/Verdon about the hugely talented husband and wife team who, among many other hits, gave us musicals Sweet Charity, Cabaret and Chicago.

It’s gratifying to see Broadway legend Gwen Verdon finally given the acclaim she deserves for the part she played in Bob Fosse’s success.

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Michelle Williams is a revelation as Gwen Verdon in the new BBC series Fosse/Verdon[/caption]

He was a genius choreographer and director but also a notorious womaniser, chain-smoker, heavy drinker and pill popper.

This series never shies away from Fosse’s sleazy side, showing how manipulative he could be – and his seduction of vulnerable young actresses and dancers is not easy to watch.

We are light years from the #MeToo movement, and this series illustrates why we need it so much.

Sam Rockwell plays a blinder as Fosse, but Michelle Williams is a revelation as Gwen Verdon.

It’s as though the red-headed dancing star has been brought back to life.

Cursed clan is no joke

You know those stock responses you get after stating the bleedin’ obvious – about the Pope being Catholic and bears defecating in the woods.

There is another one which I always thought was very callous.

Mother of the American Kennedy family, Rose Kennedy

“Does Rose Kennedy own a black dress?”

This is particularly unfeeling given the many tragedies visited upon the Kennedy clan – continuing right up to the present day.

Theirs is a long litany of pain and suffering.

Matriarch Rose endured the death of her eldest son Joe during World War Two, before the unimaginable ordeal of seeing two more sons publicly gunned down.

First when John, as US President, was assassinated in 1963. Then his younger brother Bobby, the former Attorney General turned senator and presidential candidate, was brutally slain in 1968.


The “Kennedy curse” has persisted through the decades.

Twenty years ago, John F Kennedy Jnr, JFK’s only son, died while flying his light aircraft to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard when it crashed into the ocean.

In 2012, Mary Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert Kennedy Jr – Bobby’s son – was found dead in her New York home, having apparently taken her own life.

And this week, the family gathered for yet another tragic occasion.

This time it was the funeral of Bobby’s 22-year-old granddaughter Saoirse Kennedy Hill, who died from a suspected overdose at the family compound in Cape Cod.

Rose died in 1995 aged 104.

She was spared witnessing the deaths of some of the younger members of the family, including poor Saoirse.

But after all she endured during her long life, she deserves a bit more respect and understanding than being the punchline to a weak joke.

Visage for Strictly

Whoever signed up Michelle Visage for Strictly Come Dancing deserves a pay rise.

Michelle, right, one of the stars of the fabulous RuPaul’s Drag Race, will be a firecracker of an addition to Strictly. She’s sassy, sexy, ballsy and a real grafter.

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Michelle Visage is best known for her role as a judge on RuPauls’ Drag Race[/caption]

She has a wonderful dirty laugh and a terrific outlook and she’ll seize this show by the throat.

I’d have paid real money to have seen her reduce sacked former pro Brendan Cole to a whimpering jellyfish.

It’s a huge shame that’s no longer a possibility, but bosses need to make sure Michelle is paired with a young, hungry dancer not afraid to take risks.

There could perhaps be a chance for Kevin Clifton to win two Glitterballs in a row after his success with Stacey Dooley last year.

Kevin and Michelle could really burn up that dance floor and there would be no hanky panky from this loyal woman whose 22-year marriage to hubby David is rock solid.

So no Strictly “curse”, but knowing Michelle, maybe rather a lot of Strictly cursing.

Barbara Windsor

Her big-heartedness remains undimmed even under the cruel shadow of Alzheimer’s, so it was no surprise that Dame Barbara Windsor used her 82nd birthday this week to demand more action to help fellow sufferers and their families.

While other entertainers with long careers might have used their special day just to celebrate their achievements, Dame Barbara instead pleaded for us all to show compassion towards those with dementia, and for the Government to ensure more resources are made available.

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Barbara Windsor appeared on video to speak publicly about dementia[/caption]

Barbara and her devoted husband Scott Mitchell have become ambassadors for the Alzheimer’s Society charity and have sent an open letter to Boris Johnson to sort out the care crisis that is making life so very hard for everyone affected by this disease.

Now Boris might profess to being unafraid of all of the EU grandees as he tries to deliver Brexit, but he should be quaking in his boots at the prospect of the wrath of our Barbara if he doesn’t deliver vital help and money to those affected by dementia.

More power to this incredible woman and how lucky she is to have Scott to take care of her because, sadly, not everyone dealing with dementia has such a devoted partner.

They have both made a huge difference in raising awareness and much-needed cash.

When this horrible disease is finally vanquished, and one day it must be, we will never forget the part Barbara and Scott played.



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