Paul Pogba champion of the world, he settled all his accounts with a famous anchorwoman of TF1 but is mistaken for a journalist !

Paul Pogba had not appreciated the note of a famous journalist. When he wished to settle accounts with it, the footballer is on the wrong person ! Oops !

France has won his second star, becoming the champion of the world of football, yesterday in Moscow. After this wonderful victory of the Blue, stars such as Eva Longoria, David Beckham or even Iris Mittenaere held to congratulate. For their part, the players of the team of France would obviously not have been able to be more happy and had big smiles. Proud to have been the sacred world champions, the Blue marched to the microphone Frédéric Calenge in the Mag World Cup, presented by Denis Brogniart, who had been joined by journalist Anne-Claire Coudray. Paul Pogba spoke about the victory and took the opportunity to settle accounts with the journalist. “I heard a little trick that has me a little stung, it was ‘we are going to watch millionaires run after a ball…'”, said the footballer.

Except that… Paul Pogba, in which you disclose the salary, was mistaken for a journalist ! Yes, the footballer was confused Anne-Claire Coudray, with Anne-Sophie Lapix. Before the World Cup, the latter had indeed declared : “The World Cup starts tomorrow, we will be able to watch millionaires run after a ball”. If the players of the team of France often claim to live in their bubble for the world, this little pique, however, did not go unnoticed. “Oh, no, it’s not me !”, assured Anne-Claire Coudray to Paul Pogba. The latter is then excused his little dumpling but did not fail to sent your message to Anne-Sophie Lapix. “The time for me, but I love the hair cut ! And then, this person is probably trying to watch tv then this is a message just for her, not for you”, he said. This small confusion of the world champion has done well to entertain users so that the sequence has already become cult.

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